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  • 29 july 2021, at 17:41 Author: GV Daimon Frey
    Weekly Update 281 – Combat changes, jousting, weapons balance!
    Greetings, Warriors!

    This week we are happy to introduce a lot of combat system improvements and changes, which were proposed some time ago and discussed with you on Discord. As you liked the propositions, we are looking forward to even warmer welcoming them to the game! We are honored to have such an active and helpful community, and it shows the best when we are able to additionally deliver a huge set of terrain, collision, and model fixes and improvements we made based on your feedback, reports, and suggestions!

    While we are working hard on improving the game balance, new User Interface, and new systems of character development, some friendly, talented people are helping us to make Gloria Victis MMO a feast for your senses. World-class artists from MusicImaginary: Adam Skorupa (The Witcher, Green Hell, Hatred, Ancestors: Legacy and more!), Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz (The Witcher 2, Bulletstorm, Iron Harvest and more!) and Michał Cielecki ( Shadow Warrior series and working with freakin’ Two Steps From Hell!), well known for their work in the AAA games industry, film and TV are working on new music for our game. The soundtrack of Gloria Victis MMORPG is already a beautiful piece of art, and with new motives designed to fill the capital cities of our world, the pleasure of listening to it will be extended. We may prepare some sneak peeks of their work soon, so stay tuned!

    Another thing worth notifying is that we started work on additional translations of quest dialogues. As you know, as we officially support English and Polish languages, the game is being translated with help of our community to sixteen(!) others so far, and the only part that lacks proper translations is the quest dialogues. At first, we will focus on the languages we can do alone thanks to having a multinational team, so you can expect Russian, Turkish and Chinese translations of dialogues coming first and more after!

    Check the details below and as always - see you on the battlefields!

    The screenshot’s authors have been awarded. Ghostickles, Isabella, ontuto, and Harold Godwinson
    – check your Ambers!

    Changelog v. Beta

    Mounted and anti-cavalry combat changes

    And now the most interesting part of todays’ changelog for most of you. Combat extensions, changes, and balance! Most of the changes were already discussed with you earlier, and are partially based on your feedback and suggestions. It went pretty well in our opinion, especially when we know those changes will have an impact on the most reported issues our Community was reporting recently. Let's explain them one by one, starting with mounted and anti-cavalry systems!

    Because we are changing a lot of combat aspects, including gear, systems, and skills, we are providing the free resets of character attributes and passive skills. each character in-game will receive one of each. You can find the options to reset those using the proper button in the Notification Center. Reset points will be available only for two weeks and will be removed after that time from the notifications.


    You read right. From now on, you can dismount the raider with a melee stab hit.

    In the first iteration, jousting will be a simple dismount with a stun (2.5s). It can be done from a foot or while mounted with a stabbing attack with any weapon if you hit the raider properly. Three variables are counted into the equation – the angle of hit, resultant speed, and the modificator of armor type of hit player (counted using armor stamina modification and average tier of armor set). The heavier and higher-tier armored raider will be harder to dismount. The balance and further iterations of that system will be done after we gather some feedback from a bigger test group, so get on your horses, have fun and be sure to share your opinion with us!

    Castle defenses versus mounts

    Raiders were never designed to fight inside or under the castle walls. It is known that few raiders can also act as scouts and keep the location lit, and it is quite hard to chase them away or catch them. That is why we are balancing some systems in the game to help defenders fight back.

    Ballistas will now be more useful against raiders. When the mount or a raider is hit by a ballista projectile, the horse will receive a stun effect and rear, in the same way as if the horse were hit with a spear from the front. Additionally, if the projectile hits the horse, it will deal double damage (600).

    Terrain impact on mounts movement

    As you know, the terrain angle on which footmen players are moving has an impact on the movement speed.
    This modificator related to terrain slope was not working for mounts, so we are finally implementing it. From now on, the angle of the terrain will have an impact on horse speed.

    We also received a suggestion to increase slowing down after hitting the obstacle and adding animation/sound to such events. The slowdown had to be increased to make it more reliable, visible, and justified.

    Mounts-related Skills

    The first would be the balance of horse hitpoints regeneration. It was quite high, and the capacity of the horse hitpoints pool is big, so it was not needed to use stablemaster and his regeneration services, and even when the mount got hurt, raiders were able to return with full horse hitpoints after a very short time. The only way to chase away the lone raider was to kill his horse, and it was a really tough task. So we are changing some passive skills which had such negative impact:

    Hitpoints regen buff from “Will to survive '' passive skill has been reduced, changing regen boost effect from 0,1% to 0,02% per point.
    Horse stamina regen from “Vigour” passive has been reduced, changing regen boost effect from skill from 0,3% to 0,1% per point.
    The cooldown for calling a horse after its death from the “Bound” passive skill has been changed. Each point in this skill now grants 10, instead 20 seconds cooldown reduction.

    Stabs stopping the horse

    We, and players, agreed that the 20 angle on the front is too low for stopping the horse with the spear stab, so after researching a similar mechanic in other games with medieval combat, we are extending it to 45 angle. Speed requirements to make such action possible have also been adjusted, and it will be possible to rear (stun) the enemy horse which is moving at a slightly slower speed than before.

    Powerbar on foot and while mounted

    We are changing the way attack power works in the game. From now on each attack while on foot, and if we have the stamina to perform it, will start on a yellow power bar, instead of a green one.
    If we are holding the powerbar loaded too long it will go back through the yellow to the green bar as before. If you are mounted, when the horse is in an idle state (not walking), the raider can load his powerbar only to green, but if the horse is not idle, he will be able to load a yellow powerbar. So, not staying in one place can ensure better battle efficiency.

    This seems like a huge change, and let us stop for a moment to explain it.
    There are two variables clamping the potential of dealing with a certain number of attacks in time. The first is Power Bar, second is Animation Time. The setting of those both variables after lots of combat tweaks led to the situation, where Animation Time was always longer than the green power bar – which means that using the green power bar never led to faster attacks – and basically every potential usage of that power bar was debuffing attack greatly, without giving any positive to the attacker. That led to a situation, where beginner players not knowing were always in the worse position thinking they could attack more frequently with Green Power Bars, but that was not a situation with any of the weapons or attacks. For that reason keeping Green Power Bar in the game made no other use than increasing the difference between new and veteran players and we decided to remove them.

    Just to make it clear – it won’t make combat any more “spammy” because animation timers will still be clamping the speed of attacks.

    Due to recent changes to horses, we have allowed them to use Yellow Power Bar with much lower speed, to give heavy cavalry much more meaning and a possibility to fight.

    Balance changes

    Group fights balance

    To prevent spamming swings left and right in group fights, damage that will interrupt the attack will from now put an attack cooldown on the hit player, as it works for blocking damage. It will create a time window between attacks so it will be possible to stop any attack spam much easier.

    The system of limiting the damage, if an attack went through the ally was implemented to encourage players to be mindful of their surroundings and players around them. This system was working differently concerning cleave because it was not reducing the damage to 30% like in most weapon types cases. The damage while using cleave with two-handed swords was reduced to 60% at first and later to 30%, which lead to dealing still quite significant damage, and it was not working well enough to make players respect the ally system.

    As we want more weapons types to be efficient in various scenarios, and we want to make group fights more balanced, changing the cleave mechanic to limit the damage delivered by it is needed and will have a very positive impact on the combat.

    Damage delivered by second-line fighters by swinging through allies will be reduced compared to times before the change. It will be easier to fight bigger numbers, and one-handed weapons will become more efficient in fights since it is easier to deliver full damage hit with them, while not swinging through allies. The first line of the forces will have more to say, which gives better defensive options, as well more space for reasonable pushing.

    Weapon changes and balance

    Two-handed axes have been unified to a range of 8.2 units. Stamina cost for light axes has been adjusted to be the same as two-handed swords one, regular axes have it one point higher, and bardiches the highest, with 2 points difference.

    Damage of bardiches has been balanced and put between halberd and axes ranges. It means they have slightly lower damage than before.

    Two-handed swords now have their range capped at 7.56 units for the top ones, and lower tiers of this weapon type have lower range, with the lowest on the first tier – 6 units.

    Spears balance

    The recent spear changes worked well in regard to limiting their space control by holding attacks of those, and are still a viable choice in group positioning fights in chokepoints and buildings. We hear your feedback, that current spear mechanics feel too sloppy in the group fights, and we do not want them to lead to such feelings, at the same time not destroying the game balance. We are balancing the timers of attempt time of side attacks, back to armed and stab attacks so the weapon will faster “charging” the attacks. We are keeping the current release time, but the feelings should be much better with those changes.

    Other combat changes

    Stamina regeneration was possible to be sped up with entering walk mode. From now on the regeneration in walk mode will have a regeneration speed between run and iddle (so basically it won't be as fast as middle state, but faster in comparison to regen state). The part of the reasoning is because most veteran players ignore buffs for stamina regeneration, just because they can regenerate most of their stamina within less than 5 seconds just using walk during combat. Another part of the reasoning for that change is also done because so many players who play in our game for very long are not aware that they were able to regen with the same speed while staying in place and walking, once more, creating a huge gap between the part of users using that mechanic and most of the players without knowledge of that mechanic.
    We do understand that this change has a deep effect on the meta-gaming level, this is why we do hope to hear your feedback after trying it for a few days and how it affects the gameplay.
    Please also remember that part of equipment got their stamina usage decreased within this update.

    We have also added minimal cost of feint (5 stamina) to prevent some builds not using stamina while feinting at all.

    NPC opponents AI changes

    Players fighting the NPC enemies, for example during questlines, were showing the tendency to ignore the incoming damage because the damage of their opponents is just small. Such an attitude was not helping to teach new players how to block or counter enemy attacks, which could lead to not preparing new players to transition to the PVP combat well enough. This is why we are changing the NPC enemies' behavior and making them hit players on red powerbars more often, which will encourage players to use block and other features of the combat, instead of smashing the attack button in uneven hitpoints trade.

    Due to that change, NPC enemies will be able to interrupt our attacks, which will require more tactics and skill in fighting them.

    Sword drop changes

    Following the community feedback, we are limiting the access to Ancient Longsword and Crusher’s Sword. We want those two swords to be more unique and less popular.

    Chances to find Ancient Longswords while excavating or in the crypt chests have been greatly reduced. The best place to get this sword will be loot from the Catacombs boss.

    Chances to find the crushers sword in loot from Kargald NPC enemies has been halved. It is a very powerful weapon because of its improved overhead attack, and should not be that common. Rusted version of Crusher’s Sword has been removed from the game. This sword, like its regular version – could be too powerful with too little risk of losing it.

    Quality of Life

    – Description of the recommended nation in the character creation panel (when picking nation of the beginning of the journey in the game, so for the new players mostly) has been extended and improved, to show more details regarding the pros and cons of joining it, which in most cases is the nation that needs more numbers the most. Players are now notified that it may be more challenging to join such a nation and they can switch it once until a certain level.
    – Feinting with light weapons will from now work properly, since the minimal cost of feint has been added.
    – Adjusted some small interactives positions on the map that were partially overlapped over other models or terrain.
    – Improved the visuals of moss on the swamp tree models.
    – Improved the terrain in Basilea farm, which allowed people to jump behind the main building, which could prevent getting attacked and looted. Additionally, adjusted the position of resources spawns in this location.
    – Added the LOD group components to mostly used 3D meshes to improve the visuals of the game.


    – Fixed the issue causing players to not teleport back to the proper place after leaving the arena duel if they attended Sea Wraiths global event earlier.
    – Fixed over 60 minor terrain, colliders, and models bugs and issues reported by players around the whole game world.
    – Fixed the issue causing colliders of models in the Rite global event were not working properly, which led to being able to get under the models' textures.
    – Fixed the issue causing colliders of Ismir capitol building to not work correctly, which led to issues while moving to the higher floors of the building.
    – Fixed the issue causing one of the guards in Dunfen Lumbermill to be spawned as a Midlander when the location was in Sangmar or Ismir control.
    – Fixed the issue causing the wood logs and stone gatehouse traps to deal ten times the damage than they should (200 vs 20).
    – Fixed the issue causing the floor in the corner tower to be invisible for players with the lowest graphic settings.
    – Fixed the issue causing watchtower textures materials to be wrong.
    – Fixed the issue causing some NPCs around Seaclaw farm to have wrong waypoints and were traveling on the sea bottom to other locations.
    – Fixed the issue causing achievement “Items looted from enemy players' was counting for looted, not for the looting players.
    – Fixed the issue causing part of the trees in-game (mostly on marshes around Audunstede) to have inappropriate colliders, which lead to snapping characters when colliding with them.
    – Fixed the issue causing blocking the possibility of closing the report window with the Esc key if the player used it during filling the report.

    Latest comments:

    Jog 1 august 2021, at 20:20

    Thank you for you kind words!

    @RebelSon78 - yes, we are reworking our entire UI to support 4k and scaling :)

    RebelSon78 1 august 2021, at 01:12

    love the game but are there any plans for 4k or ui scale slider support

    Vinícius Sanctus 30 july 2021, at 12:11

    Love the team, the update frequency, the passion overall, just sad to see that after waiting so long for mounted combat, its Infantry Victis all over the place.

    Increasing horse respawn after death was plain evil.

    Daeryk 30 july 2021, at 09:32

    You are an amazing team, every week update the game.
    It's improving a lot every time i join in!