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  • 27 august 2021, at 12:31 Author: GV Daimon Frey
    Weekly Update 285 – Venture on adventure!
    Greetings, Warriors!

    MMO RPG games are a genre that invites players to stay in their worlds with various activities, freedom of action, and sandbox experience. Like many MMOs out there, our game is social-based, even if it’s directed towards the endless war and global conquests. But most MMOs, if not all of them are equipped with different ways to develop players' avatars, ensuring a safe and fun place for all kinds of players. That is why the list of Gloria Victis MMO features is constantly growing, and we are introducing new reasons and goals that players can achieve in our game through various activities. And we want to make those paths more interesting and rewarding.

    We are aware that there is a big chunk of our playerbase that love our world and setting and prefer to support their nation from the second line, as builders, crafters, merchants, and gatherers, rather than in participating in territory control battles on the frontlines. Since our game is not limiting anything and you can be a respected fighter at the same time when you are a master crafter, cook, and dedicated gatherer or fisherman, the ultimate task is to make all the ways to develop character engaging and well reasoned.

    This is why today we are introducing the first new character development systems, with extended fishing and newly added archeology and treasure hunting. You can expect even more systems of this kind in the very close future, and we are hoping you will like them and those will encourage you to play more and feel rewarded for your time spent in the world of Gloria Victis MMORPG.

    Additionally, as always we are delivering a weekly dose of Quality of Life improvements and Fixes, as well as a new questline, last in the Ismirean Inn quests sets, mirrored with previously added quests for other nations.

    We also would like to encourage you to join our official Discord and check the ongoing video contest. The topic of the event is the creation of a video that shows your ingame nation's power and might. You need to use the newly added music tracks, available on our Youtube channel!

    We are already receiving first submissions and we were blown away by how creative and talented our community members are. Be sure to show us your talent too! You have time till the end of the month to take your chance to be memorized in-game!

    Check the details below and see you in battle!

    The screenshot’s authors have been awarded. Space Cabrón, Matt Kerrigan, chungor, N3RCH, and Lt. Ü – check your Ambers!

    Changelog v. Beta

    Character Development


    From now on, the whole system will work differently and introduce some more challenges on the way to become the master fisherman. Each fishing action will give you special experience points in a dedicated fishing skill tree. Each tree is divided into special nodes, and you are getting experience in each node to fill it and unlock new baits, rods and get bonuses to catch specific types of fish.

    As you will find out during progressing the fishing tree, you are getting free experience for each action and that experience can be used to speed up the progress of any other development tree in the game, and as forecasted earlier – there are many to come. When you fill up the experience needed to finish the last node in the tree tier, you will start collecting surplus experience that in the future will be possible to convert to free experience and use it in any other character development trees, using Ambers.

    We are all starting from square one, so prepare your lures and be the first players on the servers who will be able to cook the best fish meals! We are planning to present you with free experience when we will be introducing some more important systems, like armor or weapons development trees to allow current players to unlock their current builds as soon as the character development system will expand to it, but now we have to see the full progress for testing and balancing purposes.


    We decided to create Archeology as a second system of character development because we wanted to bring in an expansion to the gameplay with new unique activity, and we wanted to test the idea and check if everything will be working properly on at least two different types of systems. You can progress this tree by digging up the excavation sites in-game and hunting for newly added treasures.

    When you find a treasure map, you can use it to activate a special quest and the treasure will be shown on your map. Simply go to the marked area and dig it up. There are few tiers of treasures that can be found, and we believe you will be very happy with the rewards that can be found, especially in higher-tier chests! Overall, at this very exact moment, there are 100 new different small quest places to be found using the maps. Those quests will be polished and become more complex in time.

    New Questline

    The new questlines follow the rules that made a huge positive difference in player perception and gameplay experience. They are more story-rich, player-friendly, and will not require traveling to distant areas to complete them.

    Today you are getting access to midgame, quite challenging questline placed between Sangmar and Ismir mainlands. We will not spoil the story, but we can tell that you will be able to meet one of the Devteam members there, and also need to fight Giants, Nightcrawlers, and the Devil himself to complete it. Venture onto the quest today – visit the Young Wolf Inn soon and happy hunting!

    Quality of Life Improvements

    – The Global Arena and Tournament area are now properly marked as non-loot zones.
    – Added a new chest drop that contains various spices. The chest can be acquired as a reward for newly added fishing quests.
    – All fishes have now extended rotting time, from 3 days to 7 days.
    – From now on, you can zoom out the map to see the whole Stoneholm Island.
    – Added new types of events in Crafting Inns to create demand for lower-tier fishes.
    – Treasure chests with randomized loot have been hidden in the whole game world. You need maps to find them!
    – Added a custom, subtle sound for getting stunned.
    – Spectre world boss now has stunning attacks and new SFX’s.
    – Non-humanoid NPC's had their animations tweaked, so the damage received animation won't override the attack animation which led to “ghost hits.”
    – Added new cyperus seeds to basic food vendors' stock.
    – New plant: Cyperus. It is a plant that can be used as fish bait.
    – New item: Mysterious scroll. Find out what it does by yourself.
    – New animals: Leopard and Black Leopard.
    – Hitting siege engines will now be indicated with proper sound.


    – Fixed the issue causing the combat log window to change size on opened fullscreen interface panels.
    – Fixed all known issues regarding new map icons.
    – Fixed an issue that caused AI to switch from the bow, to always switch into the one-handed weapon in terms of attack speeds. That led to animation desync in that case.
    – Fixed an issue where mobs were able to get into a blocking state while arming - that led to a feeling of NPCs blocking with a bow.
    – Fix an issue causing animator cases of 2H Spear not playing "stop attack" attack break animation, while hitting the blocking target.
    – Fixed an issue causing mobs attacking with the green attack instead of yellow which led to issues like boars receiving stun while hitting the shielding player.
    – Fixed an issue causing the repair icon to stay after the shop window was closed.

    Latest comments:

    GV Daimon Frey 30 august 2021, at 12:59

    We just received some screenshots from our players. It took them less than 24 hours to reach the top node of the development tree, so please do not be that harsh on the new system.

    I'll quote Jog, who's answer was the proper explanation of the curent situation:

    First, we need this feature to be properly tested on a global scale before expanding it, and finding its biggest pros and cons with the help of our community - for that, we need veteran players feedback.
    If we would give the vets it fully exped, we would not get enough feedback from the rest of the players.

    We are going to give some free exp (an exp that you can put into any skill tree you want) with every further implementation of additional trees, related to the character level within the next weeks. But if we would give it right now, players would only need to skill up the hardest one, final nodes - but that would bias the experience giving the only task to do, the hardest one.

    For that reason, we decided to not give free exp now, but make sure the times of actively fishing are short enough, to not stop the economy (and so fish riot time has been increased).

    Anyway, the moment we speak - within a few hours after implementing the feature we see a couple of players already skilled up the very most of the tree. So while it is way too fast for the default learning speed, for testing purposes it should not be much of a hassle for anyone.

    In the end that feature is meant to bring a solo content, where it is most lacking in our game - so mid game - but the very same time has lots of other ads on top, for example when we will have more systems in our game related to those trees - the issue with alt/spying abuse will always get soften (on top of other changes like cooldown we did recently).

    As always. all I can ask for is to try a system and give us a chance - especially as this system is not directly a content to vets, but a thing we have missed and lack of mid-game progression was our biggest retention issue which is/was stopping the community to grow. And the game is more fun, the more people playing different ways are playing with us.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    DGerome 30 august 2021, at 11:57

    Originally posted by rg.silva:
    Terrible what they did in this update! I have the title of Master Fisherman and now I can't fish or use a fish trap anymore!!!

    Fix VAC 30 august 2021, at 08:20

    customization of the interface. Ugh. 60+ likes ... who are these people? bots? or biased people?

    rg.silva 29 august 2021, at 02:15

    Terrible what they did in this update! I have the title of Master Fisherman and now I can't fish or use a fish trap anymore!!!

    E=d.u² 27 august 2021, at 18:18

    You guys should focus on reasons to attack and defend the points. I played Planetside 2 during years and they had an awesome way to make you feel the importance of every outposts, with buffs, etc. You could add resources, buffs to crafting, itens only possible to craft in certain special tables fixed in certain outposts, and so on.

    The lack of a true reason for PvP in what made me stop playing the beta, as I said in another topic.

    ontuto 27 august 2021, at 16:42

    The idea for extend new areas of personal development are nice but first devs step is pointless. We didn't get new abilities in real attractive areas of the game specially for old players who has nothing more for develop. For a new players fishing is now more limited. Why we need personal development in most afk elements of the game? Where is a sense for anybody?

    Lt. Frank Drebin 27 august 2021, at 15:38

    I feel like that's one of the main reasons the game suffers, the content revolves around optional combat. More than a few people dont like to fight it almost feels like a majority of the population would rather "support from the second line" maybe the game has changed since the last time I played but I highly doubt its evolved passed other players avoiding fighting you in hopes that you'll quit so they can farm more currency unopposed. So much of my time spent in game was waiting and hoping [for hours on end] that fighting would happen.

    ontuto 27 august 2021, at 14:51

    This patch is wasting developer time and energy. Fishing is not most exciting thing in GV. Same archeology. Not worthy for grinding perks. Mostly doing by players in afk mode or auto mode by fish traps. So patch is not more fun but again boring necessary things to do. Is there no more important things to do in GV?