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  • 10 september 2021, at 13:11 Author: GV Daimon Frey
    Weekly Update 287 – New locations and new opportunities!
    Greetings, Warriors!

    Are you ready to conquer new locations and push the frontier further into the enemy lands? Will you use your tactical and strategic knowledge to take advantage of the new opportunities?

    This week we are introducing an important extension to the game world. Our designers added new locations extending the outer rings, to improve the PVP aspect of the game and make the territory control system more player-friendly and rewarding. The map received a slight rework, you can tell that when you find out that the Volcano mountain was moved. The size of the map has not increased yet, but further in the changelog, you will find the proper explanation of the current changes.

    We are aware that we forecasted the Metallurgy and Disassembling changes for this week, but those require some more time to be introduced. Additionally, we want to remind you about the end of the current Glory Season. You have one more week to climb the rankings!

    As always, we have some Quality Of Life improvements and fixes ready for you, so check the details below and see you in the game!

    The screenshot’s authors have been awarded. Siegbert, gawi200, Kabourd, and ontuto – check your Ambers!

    Changelog v. Beta

    New locations

    As you know, Gloria Victis MMORPG is based on three pillars. Two of them are related and are Open PVP and Territory Control. To improve the gameplay and the experience of players regarding those aspects of the game, we decided to add six new locations to the outer link ring. With the current number of flags, it was enough that our nation lost one small Fort to feel extremely dominated, especially when we didn't have a temple on the same link.

    The difficulty difference of attacking and defending between the City and the Castle location types is too big, which often made warbands stop to capture the Fort and do not go further.

    Placing new flags – Outposts – between the Castles and Forts creates a buffer between those two, pulling up the attack flow further and giving the defenders more tactical options, as well as giving a target to groups that don't feel strong enough to occupy the Castle, but have just taken over the Fort.

    We hope you’ll like that change and it will encourage you to be more active on the global map. You should also remember that we’ve planned for increasing the map size in the near future, to create more space for our Community.

    Quality of Life Improvements

    – Added six new upgradable locations – Outposts – in the game world: Elmridge, Griffinclaw, Reksvald, Hogsten, Saffa and Quilium.
    – From now on, the map will show static icons (like deposits, logistician, stable master.) from any distance if we zoom in on the map close enough. Also, there are icons that will show only if we are close to them. It can be for example workshops or vendors at controlled locations. It will improve the player's orientation in the game world.
    – Polish of the Character development interface – added new tooltips and functionalities.
    – Increased the radius of the fishing events 4 times.
    – Added fishing event duration, it's active for 40 minutes, like a crafting event.
    – Added a new marker type on the legend for the fish delivery event.
    – Updated the fish bait descriptions.


    – Fixed an issue causing gaining experience in archeology during the treasure hunt only when the proper shovel was on the body – you had to have a shovel equipped to get experience from treasure interactive
    – Fixed an issue causing text to wrap in the quests side panel.
    – Multiple small fixes of game localization in all languages.

    Latest comments:

    SMALLKILLING 15 september 2021, at 08:54

    pointless unless you address the issues the community brings forward. steam charts say it all

    Hoofstroom™ 11 september 2021, at 21:22

    for glory and honor! :knightaxe:

    E=d.u² 10 september 2021, at 18:36

    It's like you have listened to my complains about the war. I will log in again to see those changes. You have my respect, devs.