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  • 19 sierpnia 2021, o 14:05 Autor: GV Daimon Frey
    Weekly Update 284 – Hear the change!
    Greetings, Warriors!

    As our Developer team is working hard on upcoming character development systems and weekly improvements and fixes, we are delivering some work in progress insight to tell you what you get in the following weeks.

    We had to reserve some more time before introducing the Fishing development progress tree to test and balance it properly. Next week we should be able to implement it into the game, and there are chances it will come accompanied with the next system in queue – archeology and treasure hunting!

    Internal tests of the “Return to character selection screen” feature just began. You can expect this feature to hit the global servers soon!

    Gloria Victis world is receiving three brand new pieces of music created by the world-class artists from Music Imaginary: Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, and Michał Cielecki. On that occasion, we are opening a contest for video creators!

    Check the details below!

    The screenshot’s authors have been awarded. Lt. Ü, Ghostickles, Neqster, Gavi200, and SaltukPasha – check your Ambers!

    Work in progress insight

    Character Development

    Throughout the development of any multiplayer / MMO game, player retention is perhaps the most important factor in developing a community. We are working on this all the time, carefully breaking down player activity as a factor - and while our retention at low levels is still quite decent, the players who reach the end game are the ones who very often stay in our game for thousands of hours. And this is what we are aiming for.

    So what players and the game need are a system that will allow players to have smaller goals, in the pursuit of which they will be able to learn the new features, and gradually increase their skill and experience in them. A system that will reward the player for training specific skills - thanks to which he will be better and better at what a given person considers to be the most interesting in the Gloria Victis world.

    By performing activities, in addition to experience points, the player will receive experience in a given profession or activity, which at various stages of development will allow for more advanced equipment and provide new opportunities or bonuses. We don't want to limit players in any way as a classless system and the possibility to be who you want to be in the game and change it anytime is a very valued aspect of our MMO. So you can become the master of every profession and activity.

    Fishing is coming first, as forecasted earlier, but today we will spoil you some details regarding the next system which is being created in the background.

    We want to create many different paths to develop characters in the game. One of them will be Archeology. Progressing in this activity will allow you to use better shovels, collect better loot from excavations sites, and also give access to a brand new feature: treasure hunting.

    Treasure maps will be introduced into the game, and will be available among others as quest/events/daily rewards, and loot from excavation sites. Consuming a map will start a special quest and mark the treasure on the map so you would need to travel to the spot and dig it out. There will be few levels of maps and treasures, and to find the best ones you will need to gain experience in the Archeology tree, by searching for treasures and participating in excavations.

    Along with extending the reasons list to roam the map and explore the game world, this activity should bring a lot of joy for adventurers, explorers, and achievement collectors. We believe it will be great fun to search for hidden treasures and you will warmly welcome the new activity in the game.

    Of course, we are working not only on those systems. Our lead programmers are working on the “Return to character selection” option, and just today our dev team members will start testing that feature on global servers to ensure everything will work properly. Stay tuned!

    Changelog v. Beta

    New Soundtrack

    World-class artists from Music Imaginary: Adam Skorupa (The Witcher, Green Hell, Hatred, Ancestors: Legacy and more!), Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz (The Witcher 2, Bulletstorm, Iron Harvest and more!) and Michał Cielecki (Shadow Warrior series and working with freakin’ Two Steps From Hell!), well known for their work in the AAA games industry, film, and TV, have composed new music for our game!

    We have the pleasure to present you with a piece of art dedicated to our Community. Each nation receives a unique track recorded with usage of real instruments, and you can hear them respectively in nations capitals.

    The soundtrack of Gloria Victis MMORPG is already a beautiful piece of art, and with new motives designed to fill the capital cities of our world, the pleasure of listening to it will be extended. We are amazed at how the tracks sound and we hope you will like them too!

    On this occasion, we are opening a contest for video creators. Take one of the new Capital Themes, record your own ingame footage and create a video showing the power and might of your nation! We are waiting for your submissions by the end of the month. Winners and participants will be rewarded with ingame Memorials and spreading the word about their talent in the game Community and on our Socials!

    Please upload your creations to YouTube, and share a link with us, posting your submission on the #media-streamers channel on our offical Discord server with a #videocontest hashtag. We are waiting for your submissions by the end of the month.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElJhVWLnXYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FyY8PsRLvg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUgJVwASE2k
    Quality of life improvements

    – Improved the smoothing of walking animation of proxy players and NPC opponents.
    – Added a new mass-production recipe for Bark, Available in Glory Shop.
    – Few recipes that should be available in Glory Shops for Contribution points have been removed from the Pilgrim Rock Quartermaster offers: Elite Tanned Leather recipe, Old Animal Tendon Bowstring recipe, and Impregnation for Tools recipe.
    – From now on, attacking buildings with siege engines from outside of the siege collider will put a building cooldown on location, like in the case where the flag is burning.
    – Balanced the difficulty of early game questlines by exchanging lvl 29 Bear to lvl 15 wounded bear. New players had too much trouble to defeat it.
    – Added Lure icon on the map and its legend.
    – Added dedicated music for the capital cities of each nation.
    – Added a confirmation window before turning on friendly fire.
    – Changed the maximum temperature of fishing baits from 6 to 2.


    – Fixed desynchro between animator and proxy on NPC opponents. It was an issue caused by the wrong creator and controller assigned to the NPCs – they could have animations of two-handed axes while using a spear creator.
    – Fixed the issue causing the “Show on a map” button in the task list and construction window to not work with the new map interface.
    – Fixed the position and loot drop place for boars. From now on both – boars and loot from them should be properly placed on the ground, not above the terrain.
    – Fixed the issue causing stairs colliders in smithy buildings blocking passage under some circumstances.
    – Fixed a lot of issues with the visibility system, for multiple small furniture and decorations models.
    – Fixed the lighting and visual of a short stone 45 wall model.
    – Fixed the visual issue of the ruins stairs model.
    – Fixed the colliders of the ruined midland keep.
    – Fixed an issue causing clipping of the equipment of some NPCs' enemies.
    – Fixed the issue causing Zander to be shown under dishes filter, not ingredient filter on market.
    – Fixed an issue causing NPCs to be sometimes shown in T-pose after their initiation.

    Ostatnie komentarze

    Luckspeare ☭ 23 sierpnia 2021, o 17:38

    Gonna have to agree with Shak Saint Tiger.

    Shak Saint Tiger 23 sierpnia 2021, o 16:49

    you guys are aiming at the wrong crowed, looking at the guys that spend 1000 hours is not the answer, usually they are the kind of players that will eat anything up and it will be your games downfall if you keep listening to them, focus on new players, look at the guy that gave up after 15H, see what is FUN and not time consuming, the game lacks alot of FUN things to do as a low level, AI in the wildlife is none existent, human enemies are easily exploitable, the PVE in the game is abbismle to say the least, elitist and try hards are the dominant factions in your game, and they are keeping newbies away, thats your 1000H crowed that you falsely seek.

    I've been following Gloria Victis for years, and you guys have real potential, but focusing on the "hardcore pvp" crowed is just not a smart move, you set the groundwork for amazing PVE, focus on THAT, people are hungry for a good PVE medieval experience, and I'm sorry to say that but.. open world or not, Mordhau is significantly better then what you guys trying to do, so don't do Mordhau, be different.

    Azrial 21 sierpnia 2021, o 13:48

    Hear the change of nothing

    E=d.u² 20 sierpnia 2021, o 19:17

    There is no incentive to defend the little bases it seems. Weeks ago I captured and upgraded a small outpost using my own resources, to see a high level player attack it, kill me three times while I was asking for help and nobody came, saying "small outposts are for little PvP interactions" and all sort of excuses.

    Well, if it is for small PvP, why the hell nobody went for help me when an ally is asking for help to defend an outpost and do small PvP?

    After that I just quit and never played again. What's the point? I lost lots of items doing something the game tells me to do (or I thought I was supposed to). Then people complain that nobody join them to defend castles. Why should anyone do that?

    The game lacks a core reason to play.

    Vinícius Sanctus 20 sierpnia 2021, o 17:31

    Return to character screen, THE GLORY! <3

    GV Daimon Frey 20 sierpnia 2021, o 10:04

    @Mig @Matt Kerrigan Hey guys! As Jog said, the best option is to upload your video to YouTube and share a link with us. You can send your submission here, to support email, but the most preferred way would be to share a link with us by posting your submission on the #media-streamers channel on our offical Discord server with a #videocontest hashtag. We are waiting for your submissions by the end of the month.
    ➡️Gloria Victis Official Discord: https://discord.gg/HpyuumFRsD

    Here are the direct links to music tracks for each nation:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElJhVWLnXYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FyY8PsRLvg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUgJVwASE2k

    @motyl38 Czołem!

    System działa dokładnie tak jak opisałeś od początku czerwca! Cytując za aktualizacją numer 274:

    "Using the already introduced, and warmly welcomed new assist system you will be able to get Nation Points for dealing damage, tanking damage, knocking out enemies, and healing and reviving your allies. The Nation Points reward for assists will be distributed when your enemy will lose consciousness."

    Medycy otrzymują nagrody za asysty, gdy podniosą lub uleczą sojusznika i po podniesieniu/leczeniu sojusznik znokautuje przeciwnika. Zwróć uwagę na log walki, odpowiednie powiadomienia powinny być tam widoczne. :)

    motyl38 19 sierpnia 2021, o 21:51

    dodali byście jakieś punkty nacji dla medyków którzy podnoszą sprzymierzeńców, jesteśmy trochę pokrzywdzeni przez to gdyż trzymając się w 2 lub 3 linni nie mamy możliwości nabijać równie skutecznie pkt nacji. Przydała by się taka mechanika, że przykładowo podnoszę sojusznika i jeżeli on kogoś zabije po tym podniesieniu to jakiś tam % pkt nacji wpada również na konto medyka

    Jog 19 sierpnia 2021, o 20:23

    Please upload them into the youtube and send us the links, either here or by [email protected]

    Matt Kerrigan 19 sierpnia 2021, o 20:02

    i need help for this

    Mig 19 sierpnia 2021, o 17:08

    Where are we supposed to send movies ? Just put it on youtube or send it on your email ?