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    What is Gloria Victis?

    Gloria Victis is a low-fantasy MMORPG set in a world similar to Medieval Europe and Middle East.

    Who are you? How long have you been developing this?

    The game is being developed by an independent team called Black Eye Games. It consists of both experienced professionals and ambitious debutants with innovative ideas. The first graphics and lines of code came into existence in February 2012 and since half of the 2013 there is a playable test version (Pre-Alpha). It is continuously developed with implementation of new systems and assets.

    Do I need to have a new PC to run Gloria Victis?

    The current test version works fine on almost all PCs newer than 5 years old. However, the game’s optimization will proceed as its development process goes on.

    Will there be an open world?

    Yes, the player won’t be limited to follow linear paths. The world will be one entirety without loading screens or division of regions.

    On which platforms are you planning to release the game?

    Currently Gloria Victis is being developed for PC with Windows OS. However, we are eventually planning on releasing our game on such systems as MacOS and Linux in future.


    The war is my destiny! How will the combat system look like?

    The combat is based on a non-target system, which means manual handling and striking blows. It will require good positioning against the enemy and attacking it at the right moment. The whole combat will mostly depend on the player’s skills rather than character equipment, which the player will have to use properly.

    The player will have a wide range of abilities. During battles, he will be able to accept melee and ranged weapons, use mounts, siege machines and ships.

    Will there be open PvP?

    There will be open PvP all over the map, excluding certain areas described as Safe Zones (e.g. nations' capitals or plot-related towns). There will be also duels, arena fights, territory control and both guild and faction wars. However, slaying allies may result in punishments and sanctions.

    What about looting? I want to plunder my enemies!

    We plan to use an innovative Partial Loot system to add some thrill to PvP fights. During a set amount of time, it allows the winner of the fight to loot chosen items from a defeated enemy. However, it requires more time to take equipped items than the ones stored in inventory. With this system we hope to make Gloria Victis both engaging for experienced, regular gamers looking for challenges, and friendly for those who can spend less time playing and recovering after losses.

    You can learn more about it on our forums: http://forum.gloriavictisgame.com/showthread.php?tid=2552

    And what about crafting and economy? I love to create goods and trade!

    There are 8 different yet related crafts to learn, but the player will be able to master only a few. Crafting processes will be based on real techniques of Medieval craftsmen. They will consist of gathering the required materials, their appropriate preparation and then crafting the desired item. That’s why access to resources, workshops and tools will be so important. Many of the processes will require materials crafted by different craftsmen, providing yet another reason for player cooperation.

    You will be able to create every item existing in the game: jewelry, weapons, armor and even ships, houses and town fortifications. Trading between players will be an important part of Gloria Victis and so we give you all the power over the economy. Swords don’t drop from wolves, they are smithed.

    Will I be able to develop my character as I want?

    Yes, because Gloria Victis will have no artificial class system. It’s simply your choice how you will distribute progress points gained at the beginning and during later gameplay. Also, there will be different character archetypes to choose from.

    What are character archetypes?

    Archetypes are pre-made, universal starting characters. They are prepared for those who want to simply jump into the game without tedious statistics analysis during character creation. Each of the archetypes offers a slightly different playstyle, but this choice determines only the start of the game. Far more will depend upon the distribution of points gained at later stages.

    Will there be a level cap?

    Yes, it’s necessary, as no-one can develop forever. It would cause major gaps between newcomers and veterans who spend hours a day playing. However, the level cap won’t be anything more than a step to the next part – the end-game.


    What can you tell us about the story of Gloria Victis?

    We truly want it to be a surprise, so we don’t want to spoil it by revealing the details. Anyway, we can say it will be both epic and non-linear. Also, it will touch mature subjects like faith, morality and the essence of humanity. It’s produced with the help of well-known book authors and screenwriters for some of the best RPG games.

    What about playable nations?

    There will be three playable nations, based on real powers of Medieval Europe and Middle East. Each of them features different cultures and beliefs, their own equipment and political system.

    Will there be quests in Gloria Victis?

    Of course! We wish to get back to the core of MMORPG, which is the “RPG”. Quests will be mostly non-linear, their result depending on e.g. the way of completing them or the player’s reputation. Many of them will also be multilayered. We don’t want Gloria Victis quests to be just an artificial way of extending playtime.

    Will I be able to complete quests both solo and in group?

    Most of the quests will offer an option to be completed either solo or in cooperation with other players. We also plan to implement guild quests and many secondary tasks, e.g. bounty hunting for PK (Player Killer) players. Quest availability will be determined by the player’s reputation.

    How will the world react to my actions?

    We are going to use reputation system which will determine the NPCs' behavior towards the player. Every action will somewhat affect relations with the locals, which in turn will affect the player’s global reputation. The righteous and helpful will be granted with many fair income options such as caravan escorting. On the other side, players with bounties on their heads may be asked to stop and rob convoys.


    When’s the release?

    Gloria Victis is currently at Alpha stage, where we test new systems and possibilities, fix major issues and polish the gameplay according to feedback from our Community. While we can’t announce the final release date yet, we will do it as soon as we feel the game is polished enough to do it.

    I want to play it now! What should I do?

    You can join the game right now by purchasing Gloria Victis on Steam or by getting any of the bundles on our website

    How can I help you?

    Financial support is what we need most, as we want to hire new team members. Apart from that ,we also need any media support we can get. For more details, please contact info@gloriavictisgame.com

    Where can I find more information about Gloria Victis?

    You can visit our official forum and Facebook fanpage, our IndieDB and mmorpg.com profiles, Twitter and Youtube channel. Welcome!