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    What is Gloria Victis?

    Gloria Victis is a medieval MMORPG with low-fantasy elements and an emphasis on realism served up with a mature storyline. The 3 main pillars of the game are: open PVP featuring a skill-based, non-target combat system, territory control, and a player-driven economy.

    Who makes Gloria Victis?

    Gloria Victis is created by Black Eye Games – an independent game developer from Lublin, Poland. Our team consists of developers who gained experience either in multiple commercial projects or in the modding scene, and we’re united by a common passion: gaming! We have about 15 full-time developers and a group of external contractors with whom we work regularly.

    What are the minimum system requirements?

    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit
    • RAM: 6 GB
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II X4 (at least 2,7 GHz)
    • Graphics: GeForce GeForce GT 740 or Radeon HD 7750, at least 1 GB GPU memory
    • DirectX 11
    • Broadband Internet connection (required to play)
    • Storage: 15 GB available space

    What is the game’s business model?

    Gloria Victis is released in a Buy to Play model with no monthly subscription. Also, for those who would like to directly support the game’s development, there is a fully optional Supporter Shop. We have made sure that the players not using the Supporter Shop have an equal game-play experience. For this reason, all of the Supporter Shop’s assortment can also be purchased with in-game currency obtained for numerous activities. The only exceptions are equipment skins which are 100% cosmetic. Many items purchased in the Supporter shop can be traded in game, too.

    What are the game’s target platforms and distribution?

    Gloria Victis is available on PCs with Windows. The game can be purchased on our website and on Steam. We are considering releasing Gloria Victis on Linux and MacOS in the future – it’s not possible yet because of our current manpower and update frequency.

    How often is the game updated?

    Being gamers too, we know how important developer transparency and visible development progress is to players. Since Steam Early Access launch, Gloria Victis releases updates with new content, fixes, and quality of life improvements every single week. Even at this pace, sometimes we update even more often – the first 50 regular updates went live within 9 months of Steam launch! Patch notes are always provided.

    How many game servers do you host?

    Because Gloria Victis is an MMORPG, it uses global servers which cover given regions of the world. At the moment we host 3 servers, one for each of the following regions: Europe, North and South America, and South-East Asia.

    What are the language versions?

    Being a small indie developer we can only officially support Polish and English versions. However, there are also unofficial community-made translations for 15 further language versions.

    What makes the Gloria Victis combat unique?

    Gloria Victis features non tab-target action combat, known from such games as Mount and Blade, Chivalry, War of the Roses and Mordhau. Unlike most MMORPGs, in Gloria Victis the player manually performs each attack in real-time, with timing and distance appropriate for the used weapon type playing huge roles. This type of skill-based combat applies to blocking and archery as well. In effect, the outcome of combat depends on player skill as much or more than character level, build, and equipment.

    How’s the PVP?

    The essence of Gloria Victis is open PVP battles over territories. 3 nations – knightly Midlanders, warlike Ismirs and steadfast soldiers of the Sangmar Empire – are in a constant conflict over castles, towns, forts, and resources which often turns into large-scale, open-field battles and castle sieges. Player-run guilds compete over guild castles that have a wealth of resources.
    Fighting over territories takes place in the open world and is never instanced. There are also ranked duels, daily tournaments, and training arenas.

    How does the PVP looting work?

    Gloria Victis uses an innovative Partial Loot system, which is one of the game’s most unique features. You can loot a fallen enemy but you’re short on time and looting points – each item takes a number of points to loot. Thanks to this system, the thrill of win and loss in Gloria Victis is exceptional – the winner gets his reward but the defeated player doesn’t lose all his equipment, so he can go back into combat quickly.

    Is Gloria Victis another “gankfest”?

    No – the core of Gloria Victis PVP is a conflict between 3 nations. There are many in-game systems to reward cooperating with players from your own nation and punish traitors, and these systems effectively combat ganking and “kill on sight” griefing known so well from many open PVP games. There are also safe zones for new players so they won’t be hunted down by veterans of opposing factions or sneaky traitors.

    How does the economy work?

    The economy is one of the main pillars of Gloria Victis. We put the economy in the players’ hands: swords don’t drop from wolves but are forged by blacksmiths. Crafting processes are based on original Medieval techniques. They include collecting resources, processing them to obtain advanced materials and crafting the final item. Access to resource nodes, proper workshops, and good tools is essential. Many items require materials from the other trades, encouraging active cooperation between players since the best available items are created by the players themselves. Trade your goods on the open market for profit or funnel your resources to your guild to build up your war chest.

    What else is in the game?

    Gloria Victis offers lots of PVE content too – both single-player and group quests, events, dungeons and raids. There are also side activities, such as farming, treasure hunting and the dice game – more activities will be added in the future as development progresses.

    Can I play as a lone wolf?

    Sure! We believe that freedom is crucial in open world games. For this reason, while epic battles between nations and guilds are one of Gloria Victis’ main pillars, a lone player will find things to do as well. Joining a guild within your nation brings many benefits, but it’s not necessary. You can climb up the 1v1 duels ranking, farm your crops and collect resources for crafters, or create equipment and other goods to sell on the market. You can join in any siege or territory-based PVP you choose, as well. Each of these activities is fully optional – it’s your choice.

    Is there a first person mode?

    Yes, you can play Gloria Victis in both first and third-person mode.

    Can I change the Field of View?

    Yes, although there is a max cap for the FoV value.

    Do you plan a future servers reset (wipe)?

    There are no plans to wipe, but, of course, we can’t guarantee that we won’t be forced to do it in the future due to unpredictable difficulties. However, even if it ever happens, we’ll do what we can to wipe inventory only. It would be the least painful option, as the high-end equipment is easy to obtain.
    On the other hand, one of the core assumptions is that the player’s own skill is the most important factor in Gloria Victis’ combat, so even the best equipment won’t give much advantage over more common gear. Thanks to this, new users can join the game at any time and make an actual impact on its world.

    Is the game available on Steam?


    How can I start playing?

    Simply purchase Gloria Victis on our website or on Steam. If you buy it from our website, your account will be bound to the stand-alone launcher. If you buy it on Steam, it will be assigned directly to your Steam account.

    What are the differences between Steam and standalone launcher versions of the game?

    None, except for the login mechanism. Both versions use the same client files and connect to the very same servers.

    I’m using the launcher – can I transfer my account into the Steam version?

    Of course – please simply redeem your Steam key in the user Dashboard and activate it in your Steam library. But keep in mind that this operation can’t be undone!

    And the other way – can I switch from Steam to the launcher version?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible for technical reasons. So if you switch from the launcher account into the Steam version, it is not possible to undo this operation!

    Rules for content-related products designed by or dedicated to players

    Applies to the following items:

    • Player’s Memorial
    • Name an item
    • Name an NPC
    • Design an NPC
    • Name a location

    Submit your content via e-mail to [email protected].
    Submitted contents cannot be vulgar or offensive to the other players, nationalities, beliefs etc.
    Submitted contents cannot contain advertising materials promoting any product.
    Please submit contents only in English or Polish.
    Naming an item – the item, its recipe, or both will be added to the appropriate loot drop tables. If the item is directly based on another craftable common item which is currently available in game - meaning the new item will be unique but won't give any advantage - you will receive 1 copy of the recipe for yourself.
    Content must fit the game's lore and be accepted by the dev team.
    The dev team is allowed to modify content if it breaks the rules or doesn't fit the game's lore.
    The dev team is allowed to make the final decision about accepting content. In case of uncertainty if the content would be accepted by the team, please contact us at [email protected].

    How can I support you?

    You can support us by purchasing bundles on our website or additional content on Steam (including i.e. the official game’s soundtrack), and by purchasing goods from the in-game Supporter Shop.

    How can I contact you?

    We’re actively tracking discussions of our Community on the Gloria Victis’ Steam forum and our official Discord channel. Depending on our schedule, we’re also doing our best to take part in them, so it will be easiest to contact the development team in these places. However, if you’d like to report a bug or improper behavior of another player, please read the next point.

    How can I report experienced bugs or improper behavior of another player?

    The game has built-in tools for reporting bugs and improper behaviors. Both can be found in the menu opened with ESC key. Reports using these in-game tools contain additional information which greatly helps us to reproduce and fix bugs, and to verify the offenses of reported players. Rules for in-game behavior: https://steamcommunity.com/app/327070/discussions/0/1692659769961974124/
    In other cases, you can contact us by using these communication channels:
    Technical Support: [email protected]
    Press contact: [email protected]
    Sales: [email protected]
    Jobs: [email protected]

    Where can I follow the game’s development?

    Follow us on the official Gloria Victis social media channels which are listed here: https://www.gloriavictisgame.com/en/community