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    There was a motley array of equipment present in Medieval armies as often men were required to provide their own. Therefore, differences in wealth and standing from society were reflected in the assorted qualities of equipment present, ranging

    from town levies with leather jerkins to noble knights in full plate-armour. However, despite disparities in the value of the equipment each have their own vices and virtues, which is something that is reflected in the armour system of Gloria Victis.

    Light Armour

    Made either from Cuir Boulii or Quilted Fabric, they offer superior maneuverability as well as moderate protection. Due to the high availability of leather and cloth these armours are quite affordable and are therefore highly favoured by the common soldier as well as those on a tight budget. The light weight of these armours allows the wearer to nimbly dodge blows that would have been impossible to evade in a more cumbersome yet of armour.

    Medium Armour

    Primarily consisting of leather but incorporates metal components such as mail in vital areas such as the chest. Armours from this class such as Brigandines offer substantial protection from damage without sacrificing too much maneuverability. Medium armours are also the most commonly sought after armour due to their versability and are the standard fare of infantry. However due to the increased workmanship required to craft these, there is a marked increase in the price of these armours compared to light armours.

    Heavy Armour

    The Plate-Armour provides unparalleled protection in the Medieval World. However due to the complex processes involved in the crafting of these armours they can only be afforded by the very rich. Though they offer superior protection Plate-Armour is cumbersome beyond belief, sapping a man of his stamina in a matter of minutes of fighting. The enclosed environment of Plate-Armour is unbearable on a summer’s day and the experience compared to being boiled alive leaving the wearer hardly in a condition to fight. When combined with a mount and lance, heavy armour is truly something to be feared, the increased weight adding even more momentum to an already awe-inspiring cavalry charge.


    There is a constant battle between armours and weapons, with the former intent on stopping the latter and the latter intent on getting through the former. There was no clear winner until the advent of gunpowder but instead there was a wide array of

    weapons with their own specific purpose. Weapons in Gloria Victis each have their own unique purpose with certain weapons more effective against certain types of armour.

    Close Combat Weapons

    A wide variety of weapons exist for fighting in close quarters with the most common being the sword. The sword is designed for thrusting and cutting and therefore is an excellent candidate for dealing with unarmoured or lightly armoured foes. Though Plate-Armours are impervious to Swords as the blade would simply glance or be deflected by the curvature of the plate, there are certain weapons that are able to overcome the seemingly perfect protection of plate armour; daggers, war picks and stilettos are able to work their way through gaps of plate armour and weapons that deal blunt force such as Warhammers, Flails and Maces are able to transfer the force of an attack through the heavy plate and directly onto the person underneath.


    These weapons have a much longer reach than the aforementioned type, done by extending a weapon’s component using a wooden shaft. Asides from the obvious advantage of being able to engage enemies at a distance in which the same enemies cannot reach them, these weapons also benefit from the additional weight of the weapon itself, allowing the dealing of significant amounts of pierce damage. Though length is an advantage from a distance, the same cannot be said for close quarter fighting, with the longer weapons of this type such as Pikes, Halberds and Glaives to be next to useless though it is worthy to note that Voulges and Poleaxes can more than hold their own in the same situation due to their versatility. The Lance is the signature weapon of cavalry and when couched makes for a devastating charge.

    Ranged Weapons

    The phrase practice makes perfect cannot be more true regarding missile weapons. Range weapons if used correctly are truly powerful weapons, able to claim the lives of foes well before you get in range of their weapons or in some cases, before they even see you. Missile weapons consists of three categories: Bows, Crossbows and Thrown Projectiles. Longbows and Composite Bows boasts superior firing speed as well as range, but their arrows lack the necessary power to punch through thicker armours. Crossbows on the other hand feature a much higher piercing power however also have a significatively lower fire rate compared to bows. There are various objects and weapons that can be thrown at foes but there have a very limited range due to limits on human strength. Missile weapons are an essential weapon for both assailants and the besieged in sieges, however defenders enjoy the luxury of greater projectile power as well as range due to their height advantage.