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  • Dynamic weather system.


    The lands in Gloria Victis will be graced by the presence of various seasons as well as weather conditions. However, a day and night cycle, the changing of seasons and dynamic weather are not just for show, but are intimately tied to the game and each have their own effect upon game mechanics. The time of day for instance determines the behaviour of NPCs, some retire to their homes to

    sleep and unscrupulous muggers will begin to prowl the streets. The player in Gloria Victis would plan their adventures in accordance with the time of day, seasons as well as weather conditions much like how one would in real life. Gloria Victis will feature eleven different weather types and numerous parameters such as luminosity as well as temperature.

    Day and Night

    The world in Gloria Victis shifts between day and night, the player will be able to tell the time of the day based on the position of the sun and plan their journeys accordingly, either finding safe lodgings in taverns or roughing it out in the wilderness during the night. The time of the day will also affect NPC behavior, shops for instance will be closed during the night, guards will retire and certain nocturnal mobs such as muggers and mobs based on Slavic folklore only appear when it is dark.


    The weather will be as fickle as the gods themselves, changing constantly and affecting the lives of all. Weather will play an integral part in the day to day lives of players, with adverse weather conditions such as fog or rain obstructing the field of vision, hot summer rays that make fighting in plate-armour hellish to say the least or bitter winter snows that reduce the player’s ability to react and lower mobility. Weather will have an effect on certain weapons such as bows and the player will have to apply oil or wax to the bowstring to prevent breakage. Weather are affected by factors such as climate, season as well as random chance.


    Depending on the season certain weather phenomena will be more common, rain for instance will be commonly seen in the winter months but seldom seen in summer time. The length of days are also judged by the seasons with summer hosting long daylight hours and winter shorter hours of luminosity. Like Medieval times, the seasons play a large part on the lives of people in terms of farming, certain crops and plants will grow better in different seasons and those that choose the profession of agriculture and husbandry will have to acquaint themselves with the optimal growing conditions of crops.


    The game world of Gloria Victis will operate on a strict Calendar basis, with days, weeks, months and years. The player will be able to judge the month depending on the seasons and the time of the month depending on lunar phases. Moon phases will possibly affect things such as tides as well as drawing out unique monsters based on Slavic folklore.