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  • The Sangmar Empire

    Culture and Government

    There is lots to say about the Empire, and it’s golden capital, Baalhammon. It was a home to incredibly good warriors, and an oasis of the greatest philosophers, inventors and artists. It was also so powerful - so great and vast it was beyond bounds of a common man's imagination.

    But a part of its greatness had fallen tremendously like a colossus whose legs is made of clay! The Baalhammon had been invaded by the heirs of Ismirs, and later the Midland hordes. Their Emperor died heroically to halt the advance of the Midland hordes from breaking into the Empire’s homeland. Since then, the Sangmar Empire united the Sangmarians, and Azeb under the single banner. And they will not let the enemies forget about the harm they’ve inflicted!

    The People

    Sangmarians are mainly dark-haired and bright-eyed, however blondes are witnessed as well. They have a tanner complexion, however not as fair as their Azebian neighbors. They are as tall as Midlanders, but thinner, weaker and less resistant. Unlike other cultures, they often shave their faces smooth, considering beards a symbol of savagery. Even though the Sangmarians and Azebs are united under the same banner, they don't accept children born from mixed relationships. They respect their brothers as effective and good warriors. They adhere the principle of chastity of the nation.

    Since ages, Sangmar has been home to the greatest masters in various arts – the culture mixing allowed to exchange experience, and ideas by both crafters, and artists. Sangmar is a place where even a bricklayer strives for perfection, and a skilled cook is as highly valued as a royal sculptor – for each professions has been mastered to become a form of art. The Emperor has an undivided power, and he's treated like a god who has to lead the Sangmarian nation to rule over the rest of the world. The memory of fallen heroes is surrounded by an unique cult. Their blood, and sacrifice have been devoted to the service of the empire.

    But perhaps biggest value for those citizens of the South, is Knowledge. This is the place where there are so many inventions and the architecture is as beautiful as functional. Their customs, and manners has grown to the rank of legends! They says that in Baalhammon, the poorest folk eat on plates, not on a loaves of bread!

    Sangmarians are on guard of their high culture, which has been guarded before forgetting in the times where the enemies become more and more powerful. Ismirs' and Midlanders' habits are widely despised here and their outlooks are treated as a sign of backwardness. Any leader call their units an army, but a horde of bearish savages.

    The military

    The Empire’s history is written in blood and gold. The Empire's conquests, which subjugated even today’s Midland tribes, had stopped on the Ismirs' lands. The inflexibility of the warriors from the cold North aroused such respect among the Sangmarian armies that they took them to be the bodyguards of the Emperor, and made them its stem. Hadrian the emperor, the prominent leader with Sangmarian origins, made a heroic maneuver, and it became a history. He forced them to retreat, but lost most of his units. He died because of his wounds when they were coming back home, and his Ismir bodyguards was blamed. The cost of that expedition was too high even for Sangmarians, and their capital had been attacked by the Ismirs vengeful for revenge. But pride didn't let them to lay down the weapon and arise united, ready to take revenge for all the harms that they’ve suffered!

    The current Sangmarian army comes from traditional legions, although due to many years of improvements, and development. Their current units are more modern, and use more advanced tactics. Thanks to it, their Empire has gotten a powerful and perfectly trained professional army and it keeps order in the provinces subordinated to the beloved Emperor. Everyone, from a scout to a praetorian, is a soldier devoted to the case, and his armour shines brightly in the sun of the Empire like a precious jewel.

    In addition, the imperial smithies are famous for their elegant products. Only there can be found such sophisticated helms, and richly decorated transoms. Only there a simple sword can amaze the wielder with its perfect balance, and grace.

    The Lands

    The most magnificent, and beautiful Sangmarian city, is Baalhammon - the last stronghold of science, and high culture which used to be the oasis of the Sanmgarian Empire.

    The climate in the south is relatively warm, and the land is fertile. Thanks to those, the inhabitants have no struggles at all providing themselves with food. It’s also a land of grass steppes, sands covered in the sun, and humid forests full of unique, and exotic animals!