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  • 27-07-2017 18:51 Author: bartold
    The Azebs are here! - Changelog v.0.7.3

    The Azebs are here!

    Having had to fight a lot of unexpected issues, we have finally introduced new playable faction: the Azebian Empire! This new playable nation comes with their very own city and questlines. Of course, there are also new areas to see and explore, so prepare for a journey!

    There are also brand new mobs and bosses roaming the surrounding lands, spawning in at random times & places. The AI has been reworked as well, bringing in the new animations for NPCs, strafing and blocking mechanics. These changes bring the NPCs more to life and create a much more immersive feel and challenge to PvE combat.

    We have also implemented new crafting items and features, such as the possibility for players to disassemble their items, which will recover some scrap materials for crafting, 70 new items to loot and craft, and some changes based on community feedback, such as lowering the necessary fuels for crafting and taxes.

    And last but not least, the new Glory season has just started! Along with the new nation just added, it is a perfect day to join back the battle. Don’t miss the chance to fight your way to the top of the ladder!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.0.7.3

    New playable nation!

    – Introduced new playable nation – the Azebian Empire
    – Introduced a possibility to choose origin of your character during character creation; available options are: Azeb or Sangmarian for the Azebian Empire, Logres and Wenedia for Midlanders and Nordheim and Styrborg for Ismirs
    – Expanded the available game world, adding the Azebs’ starting areas
    – Added new location: Serai, the Azebian main city located in the northern part of Stoneholm
    – Added new locations: Fort Serai (the Last Stand fort) and Serai Farm
    – Moved the Lord’s Wrath Abbey to the South, between Tenebrok and Fort Rodrock
    – Added separate newbie spawnpoints for Azebs and Sangmarians
    – Added the first part of quests for Azebs – the first ones are different for Azebs and Sangmar
    – Added 70 brand new Azebian armors and their recipes
    – Added new nation theme for the Azebian Empire played on the character selection menu and during character creation
    – Reworked the tournament map to adjust it to the 3-factions tournament
    – Reworked the tournament mechanics – from now on, there is a max score cap allowing to win the tournament before the time runs out; also, there are additional 6 minor flags which you can capture and hold to gain additional points

    Love for crafters!

    – Introduced a possibility to disassemble items – click RMB on an item and select “disassemble” option (if available) to recover some crafting materials; we have introduced this feature to let you re-use the lower quality items and loot from NPCs to gain additional crafting materials and another way to gain experience in specific profession
    – Introduced a critical chance (depending on your profession’s level) to learn the recipe of an item you are disassembling – it gives you an additional possibility to catch ‘em all!
    – From now on, some recipes require specific workshops in order to get bonuses to quality of crafted items/amount of crafted materials
    – Improved the crafting interface due to changes made to workshops
    – Significantly reduced the fuel usage in crafting in order to reduce the grind factor

    And some love for PVE:

    – Added more than 80 random spawn places for bosses and high level enemies around the map (mostly in the southern of the map) – scout them to gain precious loot!


    – The current Glory season has come to an end – your Glory status has been counted up and restarted
    – All players have received Contribution Points for the last week and gold rewards for their overall ladder rank position; also, names of the best players have been immortalized on the Glory memorials in the arena!
    – New Glory season has just started – don’t miss the chance to fight your way to the top of the ladder!


    – Implemented the first version the reworked AI – we are aware it will have bugs, so we will be grateful for your feedback and reports!
    – Increased the display range of the major landmarks
    – Improved smoothing the changes of the player’s movement speed
    – Improved animations of running with long axes and jumping
    – Updated the PVP event memorials

    Latest comments:

    Volkel 27-07-2017 19:24

    WTF with the tourney as a Azeb it dont put me in a party and everyone from azeb attack me friendly fire is on even when you turn it off, second thing what the hell is with this big sword on the screen?

    bartold 27-07-2017 20:22

    Thanks for reporting these issues, they will be fixed soon with a hotfix.

    Volkel 27-07-2017 20:26

    wrzucilo mnie do turnieju jako zdrajce a nawet nikogo nie atakowalem bo zapoznawalem miasto, nie dodalo mnie do party. A ten wielki miecz pokazuje sie podczas wyciagniecia miecza dwurecznego nie ma tekstury ze postac go trzyma tylko jest na calym ekranie.

    Daids 27-07-2017 21:34

    Jest takie powiedzenie że po każdej większej aktualizacji znikają zbroje NPC, tym razem są różowe ;P
    Ogólnie fajne miasto, teraz ściągam hotfixa, może nawet dobrze że nie wydaliście w nocy?

    berenbb 27-07-2017 23:33

    https://zapodaj.net/c20a61f944729.png.html atak wściekłych scierwojadów jakas plaga hehe