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  • 24-08-2017 16:03 Author: bartold
    What we are working on? Future updates explained! (and, of course: Update v. –

    Hello warriors!

    Check out the latest update! Besides of numerous improvements and optimization changes, it introduces the very first end-game quest! If you have the spirit to complete it, visit the Dead Raven Inn near Scarsdale and enjoy the story!

    Also, Monteverde server has been moved to Miami and has been upgraded to much better machine. In effect, from now it will be possible for players from Southern America to play together with North/Middle America’s players.

    On the other hand, Posava server has been temporarily merged into Dukla server. Of course, Glory of Posava players has also been moved to Dukla server so you can continue fighting for your fame! With this change we want to gather playerbase of these 2 servers together, though we are looking for your feedback!

    Also, we would like to thank everyone who joined the latest weekend tests! Thanks to your help we have found a lot of issues in the Guild, Party and Friends systems which have been addressed in this update, allowing us to significantly improve client- and server-side performance. Of course, a lot is yet to be done since some guilds have close to 500 players so we will be implementing the cap of maximum amount of guild members soon, as well as solutions to support alliances between guilds.

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    – Added a new end game quest which can be started in The Dead Raven Inn near Scarsdale by talking to Bohdan
    – Disabled respawning the gate doors during siege
    – Added predefined graphics settings
    – Added two new sets of sound effects for humanoid NPCs and some new background sounds.
    – Significant client- and server-side optimization changes in Guilds, Party and Friends systems
    – Improved most of the longaxes models for optimization purposes
    – Fixed displaying animations of spiders and some humanoid NPCs which also had this issue
    – Fixes in occlusion culling system which caused NPCs to disappear while looking through damaged/destroyed gate doors in settlements
    – Fixed an issue causing not displaying a guild’s Coat of Arms on flags in captured settlements
    – Fixed an issue causing a “stutter” while walking on dead NPC body
    – Fixes in combat log chat – some messages had a “:” sign on beginning and were formatted wrong
    – Fixed an issue causing that not all players have been being moved to tournament when it starts

    Work in Progress:

    We are currently working on multiple aspects which will greatly improve your experience in Gloria Victis and expand your possibilities. What can you expect in the nearest updates?

    – Expanding the trading system – we want to create effective in-game market where crafters wanting to sell their products can meet warriors who need proper equipment in order to kick enemy’s ass effectively;
    – Guild-controlled locations – we know how important it is for you to have a piece of land – with a proper keep, of course – for your own, so we are working on something special!
    – Combat rebalance – we are making significant changes in order to make all playstyles viable, including the armors rebalance and some love for archers;
    – Further AI improvements, including implementation of the NPC archers;
    – Further quests in order to expand the non-PVP possibilities;
    – Further client- and server-side optimization improvements
    – Fixes of major reported issues – such as recent fixes to attacking players through the closed gate doors, disabling gate doors respawn during sieges and al the performance improvements made over the last few weeks

    Hotfix 2017-08-25:

    – From now on, “Heart wants what it wants” quest’s map marker is displayed on the Dead Raven Inn where it can be picked up
    – Fixed an issue causing problems with completing “Heart wants what it wants” quest by increasing its’ range
    – Fixed an issue causing that Spider Koenraad used to attack his master Erendi
    – Fixed an issue causing staggers not working in PVP for attacker
    – Fixed an issue causing that the left door wing was invisible on upgrades 4/5/6 of the gate towers
    – Fixed an issue allowing players to walk through the palisade at bent walls
    – Fixed an issue preventing players from looting wolves