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  • 31-08-2017 15:23 Author: bartold
    Combat Rebalance! (Changelog v.

    Hello, warriors!

    Enjoy the latest update which introduces tons of changes to the combat balance! Besides of tweaking the items statistics and tuning the formulas behind the combat, we have also implemented bonuses for wearing specialized armor sets. There is some love for archers as well – try the new headshots! Also, we have redesigned the way the various weapon types differ to each other so now the outcome of the fight will depend more on your tactics. Also, the gap between low- and high-level players has been reduced so it will be easier to enjoy the meat of the game – PVP!

    Due to introduction of such massive amount of changes to done combat balance, each player has been given an attribute rest points to be able to re-specialize your characters.

    Enjoy and see you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    Changes to formulas and mechanics:

    – Reworked formula of the armor resistance – from now on, the armor points reflect the percentage reductions (i.e. 100 points = 10%)
    – Implemented the system of armor sets – if you will equip at least 4 armor parts of the same type (light/medium/heavy), you will receive 100 extra armor points
    – Simplified formula of the damage modifier – from now on, each armor part will effectively affect the damage modifier
    – Reworked mechanics of the damage modifier – from now on, weight of armor has much more impact on damage dealt when using bows and knives, average when using one-handed sword and lower when using longsword, axes, blunt weapons and spears

    Changes to weapons:

    – From now on, damage dealt with one-handed swords, knives and bows is affected mostly by Dexterity and only by partially by Strength
    From now on, damage dealt with longswords is affected equally by Dexterity and Strength
    – Equalized the base damage of weapons of the same type (one- and two-handed) on the same tiers – from now on, the difference comes from different damage types, damage modifiers for attacks from specific directions and stamina drain
    – Removed Armor Penetration from most of weapons (except bows and spears) – from now on, choosing a proper weapon against specific armor type will have more impact on the outcome of the fight (slashing against light armor, piercing against medium and bludgeon against heavy)
    – In contrary to other weapons, from now on the axes have larger damage bonus to overhead attacks
    – Increased headshot damage bonus for bows – from now on, the base modifier is 1.5 and is being increased by Dexterity
    – Reduced power of the passive abilities – the overall damage has been increased and since the passive abilities are based on percentage values, they would have great impact on combat balance and would increase the gap between low- and high-level players
    – Increased the backstab damage bonus for knives, it is also being increased by Dexterity
    – Added informations about the armor set status and bonus coming from it to the character’s statistics menu
    – Improved displaying Total Damage in the character’s statistics menu – from now on, it shows summary damage which would be dealt with standard attack (yellow powerbar) and enemy armor
    – Simplified the formula of impact the Dexterity has on damage dealt and made it dependent on the armor weight
    – Disabled Stamina regeneration in combat – from now on, regeneration will start 1 second after performing any action consuming Stamina (until now, regeneration would only start after moving out of the combat state)
    – Fixed refreshing the combat statistics after changing equipment – until now, changing weapon would not update the damage bonuses and changing armor would not update the damage multiplier nor reduction immediately
    – Removed the damage reduction coming from exhaustion – from now on, an exhausted character can only perform a light attack (green powerbar)
    – Rebalanced the damage modifiers coming from powerbar: the light attacks (green powerbar) deal 50%, standard attacks deal 100% and heavy attacks deal 150% of standard damage
    – Reworked the weapons ranges – from now on, range of each single weapon reflects its exact shape, until now ranges used to be generic for each weapon type, i.e. all longswords had the same range; we will be extra grateful for feedback on this change, we can tweak the ranges if needed

    Other changes:

    – Redesigned rewards for the crafting events to make them more attractive
    – Fixed displaying members’ status in the guild window – from now on, a name of server to which a member is logged in should be displayed properly
    – Fixed an issue causing launching all of the “Last Stand” events at once
    – Fixed an issue causing that players from the Azebian Empire couldn’t burn objects and interact with supplies during the “Last Stand” events

    Latest comments:

    Kroth 02-09-2017 04:46

    Can't install game with non-steam version. gvupdater.exe has stopped responding. This update might of cased this problem.

    bartold 02-09-2017 22:11

    @Kroth, please contact support@gloriavictisgame.com to get help with your problem. Sorry for inconvenience!