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  • 07-09-2017 16:10 Author: bartold
    AI upgrade, combat balance tweaks, optimization and more!

    Another week, another update! Last time we have brought some love for archers and today time has come for tanks! Heavy armors have been significantly boosted so get your plate cuirasses and brigandines ready for war!

    What more? AI got improved again! From now on the NPC enemies will do their best to reach your back and deal a painful strike using such advantage, as well as try to evade arrows while closing distance to archers and keep at the edge of your attack range in close quarters. More great changes to AI coming in the nearest future as well!

    Moreover, as always, there are also numerous gameplay improvements, fixes and optimization changes. Enjoy the update and see you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    AI improvements:

    – Improved the algorithm which decides which action NPCs will take
    – Introduced limitation of maximum amount of NPC enemies which can attack a player at the same time
    – Introduced new NPC maneuvers: evade attempts while being attacked by archers, side-dodges, attempts to reach the player’s back and going out of the player’s attack range
    – Slightly increased the NPCs movement speed
    – Added hidden NPC statistic: reaction time

    Combat balance:

    – Increased the heavy armors’ resistance against slashing and piercing damage – it will still be vulnerable for blunt weapons
    – Increased the difference between the main reduction type and the minor ones (depending on the armor type) in order to increase the meaning of selecting proper weapon against enemies in specific armors
    – Reduced the bows’ armor penetration in order to make it less effective against heavy armor
    – Increased knives’ base damage and reduced the impact of character’s statistic on knives’ total damage in order to bring meaning to differences between available knives
    – Reduced the side-attacks damage modifiers for knives
    – Slightly reduced the backstab modifier for knives


    – Added a progress bar to moving to a world event and disabled ability to join a world event while being dead, in order to fix an exploit allowing to evade combat and avoid being looted by accepting the world event invitation
    – Added limiting the amount of players joining the ongoing tournament up to the amount of players in the largest team; Players that want to join to the largest team have to wait untill numbers of players will get even and for one competitor from both other nations
    – From now on, tournament will start even if there’s no registered player in one of the teams
    – Reduced frequency of the siege events in order to make them les routine – from now on sieges will start randomly each 1.5-3 hours
    – Added 2 new quests for the Azebian Empire: “The last man standing” and “Revenge is bitter”


    – Fixed unstuck during tournament – from now on it will force respawn player on a tournament spawnpoint instead of moving them back to the world
    – Fixed an issue causing that players who joined the ongoing tournament could only see the updates of the score table but not the entire table
    – Fixed unstuck on arena – from now on it will force respawn player on an arena spawnpoint instead of moving them back to the world
    – Fixed displaying the guild’s Coat of Arms on flags in the player-run settlements
    – Increased the Aurochs’ levels to 50-90, adjusted hunting events with Aurochs to these levels reduced amount of these animals in the world


    – Client- and server-side optimization of the guild system
    – Numerous server-side optimization changes