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  • 20 october 2017, at 15:24 Author: bartold
    Demons from the Past world event comes back! (Update v. – Steam Patch 82)

    Enjoy new update which restores the dungeon complex beneath Skergard Castle and the Demons from the Past world event! Both location and event have been revamped and greatly improved in order to offer you new experience. Sharpen your weapons – there are new bosses to slay and precious rewards to earn!

    There are also numerous gameplay improvements, fixes to many minor issues you have reported via the in-game bugreport system, greatly expanded display range of trees on higher graphics settings and further visual enhance of the Azebian starting areas.

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.


    – Reworked, improved and restored the dungeon complex beneath Skergard Castle
    – Redesigned and restored the Demons from the Past world event – now, besides of the main objectives, it has several optional stages with new bosses which offer precious rewards
    – Added the limitation of available characters – from now on, you can’t create more than 3 characters; if you already have more, they will remain but you won’t be able to create new character until you have less than 3 existing ones
    – Improved visuals of the Azebian newbie spawn point close to Serai
    – Added new location in the Azebian starting area: Mulbair, a trading town which will become the starting point for new questlines that will be added in nearest weeks
    – Reduced the attack stagger (when an attack has been blocked by enemy) by 0.75 s – now it lasts 1.75 s
    – Added a chance that NPCs will display a provoke emote when they’re in the provoke state
    – Significantly increased the trees displaying distance on Ultra, Very High and High settings
    – Improved some terrain and models textures


    – Fixed an issue causing that NPCs weren’t attacking player for the first 2 seconds after being hit, which was most visible in case of bowshooting
    – Fixed bugged models of Midlandic shields
    – Fixed the “Pride Long Forgotten” event
    – Minor animator fixes and improvements
    – Fixed reported issues in Azebian crafting recipes
    – Fixed button closing the depot window
    – Numerous fixes to minor level design bugs/glitches reported through the reporting system
    – First iteration of the networking code optimization