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  • 9 november 2017, at 17:22 Author: bartold
    Titles system and new Glory season! (Update v. Alpha – Steam Patch 86)

    Enjoy new update which introduces the titles system and start of new Glory season! Besides of titles for special achievements done in game, there are also completely unique titles for the best players of the Glory leaderboard! Also, we have added brand new armors sets which can be obtained only from the Glory vendors, numerous gameplay improvements and various fixes.

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v. Alpha


    – New Glory season has just started – rewards for the 1st and 2nd place have been assigned, as well as rewards for being in specific tresholds of the top players in the leaderboard
    – Introduced the titles system – they will be assigned to the best players of the Glory leaderboard, as well as for special in-game achievements
    – Replaced the top armors in assortment of the Glory vendors (Karleonian and Black Guard’s sets) with dedicated Glory armors; exception – Azebian armors of the Warsinger’s set haven’t been removed from the Glory shops because Azebs don’t have a dedicated world event yet and they have had access to these items for much less time than other factions
    – Added a trace visual effect of flying arrows in order to increase their visibility in longer distances
    – Introduced more treshold-based increase of the NPCs strength in order to make new challenges in PVE more visible without need to make NPCs overpowered
    – Rebalanced strength of Guard Commanders in Scarsdale and Seaclaw – from now on, Azebian Guard Commanders in these locations will be clearly stronger than Midlandic and Ismirean ones
    – Removed Midlandic and Ismirean Guard Commanders from Fort Greatfall and increased strength of Azebian Guard Commander in this location
    – Removed Halloween decorations and reworked the Halloween event – from now on it is a regular world event


    – Fixed the anti-exploit for Alt+F4 and logging off which forces character to sit down; when logging off, this process can be interrupted by received damage
    – Fixed an issue causing that Guard Commanders were sometimes not spawning in Scarsdale and Seaclaw when they were controlled by Azebs or Ismirs
    – Fixed an issue preventing players from purchasing stackable items for CP in edge cases
    – Fixed calculations of the Glory loss for dying and doubled it for traitors
    – Fixed the medium ping indicator icon
    – Fixed some of broken woman NPCs models