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  • 17 november 2017, at 18:43 Author: bartold
    Changelog v. Alpha & v. Alpha

    Update v. Alpha

    Hello, warriors!

    An update to controller & synchronization has just been applied! First of all, we greatly improved the way the server predicts your actions. In effect, characters are synchronized much more precisely. It also allowed us to increase responsiveness of the controller for moving and fighting and rotating camera. We have overhauled the camera as well to give you more control over your avatar. The last but not least: servers’ performance and network traffic have been greatly optimized so the overall experience from Gloria Victis should become much better.

    We are aware there may be bugs which could pass through our intense internal tests – that’s why we need your help! We’ll be grateful for reporting all issues that you would experience, so thank you in advance for using that “Report bug” button under the ESC menu!

    Get into a battle and check out these changes on your own!


    Update v. Alpha

    New update has just been applied!

    It introduces numerous fixes to reported controller & synchronization issues. Though there are still some bugs, the most critical problems like lagged display of other players’ movement have already been solved. We are continuously polishing these systems and we’ll be applying further fixes as soon as they’re ready.

    Other than that, this update also adds over 40 new questlines for all nations, which take place near the Dead Raven Inn north of Leaktown and balance changes.

    Enjoy and see you in battle!

    Changelog v. Alpha

    – Added 3 new large groups of quests for all nations near the Dead Raven Inn North of Leaktown – in total there are over 40 new questlines
    – Added new quest location – farm near the Dead Raven Inn
    – Changed materials required to craft some of the Champion’s medium armor, since they were too cheap to craft
    – Reduced 10x the Market tax for submitting a sale offer since it was too high for goods of lower demand
    – Moved camera further back from the character in response to players’ feedback
    – Numerous fixes to reported controller & synchronization issues