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  • 20 february 2018, at 16:53 Author: bartold
    Playable female characters! (Changelog v.

    Tired of the sausage fest and looking at the male arse all the time? Time to change it – playable female character just hit the servers! There are also reworked daily events and several gameplay improvements. Enjoy!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    – Playable female characters added! If you have any free character slot, you can already play as a female, also every character will receive the character recustomization point tomorrow
    – Reworked the daily events – now they have 4 tiers to complete daily through 2 activities, completing the daily events tier is additionally rewarded with Contribution Points
    – Added the Flame of Faith to Glory vendors' assortment and loot tables of Brandon, Ragi and Cursed spectre
    – Added safezones on the tournament spawnpoints
    – Moved the Azebian tournament spawnpoint a bit closer to the main flag in order to make their road more balanced
    – Reduced the amount of buildings and gates required to destroy in order to take a flag
    – Rebalanced the Rusted Crusher's Sword statistics
    – Fixes to bugs and level design glitches reported through the bugreport system

    Latest comments:

    Whitedany 20 february 2018, at 17:52

    PROBLEM!!! Launcher

    After patch, when it says ready. Game won't start because there's no GV_data in main game folder. Patcher probably removed it after finishing update or game files you uploaded are incoherent. So now patch is looped in constant download.

    Guys pay attention what you're doing!

    Asked my buddy GV player who uses Steamapp and it seems that you have uploaded Steam files to the Launcher files. Files and folders are wrong or missing. If not, who knows what you've messed up.

    After 9 times of redownloading patch via Launcher problem is still present.

    bartold 20 february 2018, at 19:20

    Thanks for reporting this issue, it will be fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience!

    Tilion 20 february 2018, at 22:54

    My launcher installed a new patch 20min ago (another patch than the 0.7.9 patch) and now I have the same problem as WhiteDany.

    Whitedany 21 february 2018, at 02:07

    10 straight hours of downloading, repatching, rechecking files integrity, redownloading hotfix 6 or 7 times (with speed of 100kb/s, like in the 80's), game finally started....
    Guys, you've maid a terrible mess with this patch. Don't repeat this ever again.

    Nonetheless, respect for bringing it to life again ;).

    Asheram 22 february 2018, at 22:26

    I dont know if this is a new thing with patch or not or even if it is intentional but I seem to remember being able to put shield in a number slot like weapons and items and click on it to equip/unequip shield.

    I like to to fight w/o shield at times with a small spear or 1h but now clicking on 2 which is where I have it set only draws both weapon and shield same as when I click on 1h/spear which is set on 1 (draws both weapon and shield).

    Is there some way now to quick sheathe shield w/o opening inventory and pulling it from item slot on character page?

    Whitedany 23 february 2018, at 06:17

    No there's no such option. Devs probably will say: "fighting with only short sword is awkward and rare, so shield comes as an aid for your benefit".
    So you have to take the pain and dismount it by hand.