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  • 5 april 2018, at 15:59 Author: bartold
    Controller/synchro update, FPP view, Glory system rework, WIP insight (v.

    Hello warriors!

    This week we have something big for you! It’s not your average Gloria Victis weekly update – it’s really huge! There are massive changes to controller and synchronization, redefined formula of the Glory system along with the start of new season, new questlines and… comeback of the first-person view! Read more below and enjoy the update!

    Controller/synchronization – responsiveness redefined!

    We’ve been carefully gathering your feedback and we realized that over 80% of our negative reviews came from users who haven’t even spent 2 hours in game, while players with more than 5 hours on record gave us over 80% of our positive reviews. In effect they haven’t even had a possibility to try our core features like taking a part on sieges or even simply PVP battles. We were digging deeper and it became obvious that most of these negative reviews were caused by the feeling of client-side rubberbanding and overall lack of responsiveness.

    In order to address these issues, we’ve reworked the controller and synchronization system with completely new approach in mind. It’s now much more responsive, so the issues such as client-side rubberbanding and snapping your character should be gone much less frequent now. Of course we’re aware there may be bugs and we know that NPCs synchronization needs further tweaking. Most of our programmers will spend the next week or 2 on polishing this huge change. The goal is to improve the first expressions, since it’s hard to keep new player in-game with the end-game content if the first minutes aren’t just fun enough.

    Also, the synchro and controller rework allowed us to add another big thing. Ladies and gentlemen… The first-person view is back!

    Glory system redefined & new season!

    We were also aware that the current Glory system had some issues, more or less serious. We’ve also addressed them in this update – what has changed?

    The current system had intentional GP loss for being defeated by lower-ranked enemy – analogically, defeating higher-positioned enemy was much more rewarding. We had to implement such solution in order to give low-ranked players any chance to pursue the top ones. However, it was obviously discouraging for the best players to PVP in the open world since they risked a lot in every battle, especially considering the fact that the encounters aren’t and can’t be even. In effect, the rewarding aspect was blurred by the rage factor caused by Glory loss on death.

    From now on, instead of counting kills and deaths, Glory system will reward you for the open world warfare activities, such as capturing locations, completing PVP events and defending your nation’s lands. At the same time, the system doesn’t involve any kind of Glory loss, eliminating the rage factor mentioned above.

    New Glory formula includes numerous anti-exploit systems as well. First of all, capturing the same flag over and over will end in diminishing amount of earned points. Also, the amount of points for capturing and defending a flag depends on the numbers of your enemy – attacking an empty castle won’t give you glory, nor Glory. Analogically, if your warband defends a castle and heavily outnumbers the attackers, there’s a chance you won’t get any point for this defense.

    Don’t sit at home – go to war! In effect, the Glory ranking becomes an actual open PVP ranking, honouring the legendary heroes and warlords which names are written in stone. Become a one!

    Also, since Glory is now the open world warfare leaderboard, it doesn’t count pure PVE. However, it’s been moved to separate PVE leaderboard so you can still climb up the ranktable and do what you enjoy! Moreover, the weekly CP rewards would be given basing on the leaderboard in which a player has the highest position, allowing you to specialize in your favorite aspect of Gloria Victis. Speaking of rewards – new season has just started! Take your rewards for the last season and climb to the top of the leaderboard – the season will end in about 2 months!

    The last but not least – while kills and death are not any longer counted in the Glory system, they will be moved to separate arena duels PVP ranking within the very next updates. It will offer you even, match-making fights where your skill makes the difference. In contrary to Glory, this ranking isn’t season-based and is cleared once a week.

    Some love for the questlovers

    This update adds second line of the starting quests for the Sangmar Empire! New questline is as long as the first one and tells a story of pride, faith and… what? Check it on your own – the journey starts at Fort Serai!

    We’ve also restored the mid- and end-game questlines taking place in two villages set by a bridge and the Dead Raven Inn. Both locations have been moved to new places in order to fit the current world PVP balance. If you haven’t a chance to complete them yet, this is your chance!

    Work in Progress insight – our plans for the nearest future

    First things first – most of our programmers will spend the next week or 2 on polishing the synchronization system and controller. However, once this is done, we’ll finally be able to move to adding cool features. Our plans include adding the farming system, expanding the sieges mechanics, AI improvements and so on!

    Of course, all these brilliant features will require a lot of work, so we hope to be able to expand the development team thanks to the Supporter Shop which is going to come to life this month! You will be able to support the game development directly by purchasing numerous goods – except for those which would give an advantage in PVP – such as abilities points reset, re-customization and nation change.

    We’re in also progress of moving buffs to new database system. Of course we took a chance to improve them in the meantime, so you can expect not only fixes but also new cool stuff soon, such as special effects applied by specific weapon types, alchemy, cooking and the hunger system. P.S. Tier V passive abilities coming pretty soon too. Stay tuned!

    Also, as already mentioned, you can expect the arena system to come pretty soon. You can already practice on dedicated arenas located near the main arena which we’ve added in the last update, and within the very next patches you will be able to compete in ranked duels. Do you have what it takes to become the world-known duelist?

    We’re also continuously moving further with translating the entire game to the core languages. We already have the background for translating the game interface, items and recipes names and NPC speeches, and many languages already have them translated. Time has come now for dialogues!

    Enjoy the update and see you in battle!

    Changelog v.


    – Complete overhaul of the synchronization/controller system – we’ve put a lot of work to improve the controller responsiveness and movement comfort
    – Improved detection of steep slopes
    – Reworked the Glory system formula
    – Started new Glory season and gave rewards and titles for the last one
    – Added reducing the player’s movement speed when moving up a slope
    – Added first-person view – you can switch view modes with dedicated key (by default: N)
    – Added second stage of the Sangmar Empire starting quests – they start in Fort Serai
    – Added new type of daily events – killing enemy players, including assists
    – Moved the Dead Raven Inn to new location and restored the questlines taking place in there – now it’s placed in the middle of the link between Midland and Sangmar Empire; we’ll add analogical locations with questlines soon at 2 remaining links
    – Moved 2 quest villages set by a bridge to new location and restored the questlines taking place in there – now they are placed closer to center of distance between Baalhammon and Castle Audunstede
    – Reduced the difficulty of upgrading locations at 2nd and 3rd level by replacing some materials with lower-tier ones in order to adjust the upgrading balance to recent changes in the resources distribution over the world – this change will help you to upgrade locations placed in your nation’s home lands
    – Increased rewards for “The Cohort Strikes Back” events – now you can earn up to 7 wines/meads
    – Added missing Sangmarian top medium and heavy armor (chestpiece and helmet) recipes to assortment of the Glory vendor in the Last Stand fort
    – Added combat log notifications about player’s attack being blocked by an NPC enemy and performing body attacks (charge)
    – Improved the reputation system background architecture


    – Fixed an issue causing exiting the blocking state while holding the block key with 0 stamina which led to ghost hits with shield bash
    – Fixed an issue which could lead to bugging out the player’s (new character) titles in case of titles with tiers, like “take X flags”
    – Fixed displaying players’ levels in the friends window – they weren’t being updates in some edge cases
    – Numerous fixes to gameplay and level design glitches reported through the reporting tool

    Latest comments:

    temporaryja 9 april 2018, at 13:42

    Changes in the Glory system are a very good move. The game has become more playable and diverse, and is not only based on duels of buggers where the winner will be bugger numero uno. Now, each player can score something, large battles are back as well as small clashes. Of course words of disappointment are appearing but we know who is saying them. However, it's better to lose a few and gain many more than to watch what was before. There are still many things that need to be fixed but after a few months of boredom, it's finally becoming more interesting. Keep it up.