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  • 3 august 2018, at 17:16 Author: bartold
    Player-spawned objects, EU servers combined & Guild Control update! (Update v.0.8.6)

    Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome you to one the biggest update ever applied to Gloria Victis!

    Middle Ages – times when the tale about a warrior could have more meaning than the outcome of battles he has fought in. Times of courage, sacrifice and dedication which have forged the heroes who are still remembered to this day. But it’s not all that the medieval times stood by! There were also masses of common people who were providing countless goods needed to run a successful war campaign: blacksmiths, tailors, hunters, herbalists and… farmers. You wouldn’t like to wage war being hungry, would you?

    Today’s weekly update introduced a long-awaited feature: interactive objects placed in the world by players! From now on, you can plant your seeds: vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals or flax – the choice is yours. But you will have to take care of your plants in order to harvest decent crops: water them and protect from animals, weeds, negative effects of weather conditions and enemy raiders. You can plant your seeds almost anywhere, though the best results come from planting them on fields at farms. Take a seed, find a spot and plant it like a boss!

    Moreover, from now on you can place your own tent and campfire! Tents work as one-time personal spawnpoints, so they are a great tactical option for sieging enemy towns and castles. But be careful when selecting a spot for a tent – enemies can destroy it! The campfires, on the other hand, can be used as workshops for the recently introduced cooking crafting branch. You will be able to build your own workshops to other crafts soon as well!

    Also, addition of the farming system and objects placement creates great opportunities for future features. Depending on the Community’s will, we might consider implementing freebuilding system in the guild locations and housing system.

    Also, since we have been recently able to increase the players’ capacity on servers, we could finally combine two EU servers: Wolfield and Estovia, so the European playerbase won’t be split anymore! This way we’ve been able to accomplish one of our goals: reducing the amount of servers to have only one server per each supported region of the world. The server has been renamed to [Europe]Eaglewood and after the weekend it’ll be moved to stronger machine.

    We’ve also applied several improvements to Guild Control system requested by the Community. Each location will now have separate timeframe of State of War but if the guild controls 2 locations, it will have a choice which of them apply to all provinces under its’ control. Thanks to it, it will be much harder for one guild to dominate an entire server. Moreover, since there will be 3 different State of War events per day mixed with tournaments in between on each server, there’ll be much more PVP action all the time! Moreover, Also, new Glory season has just started so it’s perfect time to fight your way to the top of the leaderboard!

    The last but not least, Steam has just launched a new cool feature: displaying players’ live streams on the game’s store page! We’ll be looking for Community streamers and contacting them to set streaming Gloria Victis during their gameplay soon!

    Check out today’s huge update on your own and see you in battle!

    Changelog v.0.8.6

    Please keep in mind that it’s one of the biggest updates ever applied to Gloria Victis. We’re aware that there are some issues – will be continuously fixing them in following days.

    Player-spawned objects

    We introduced the player-spawned objects system which allows you to place different objects in the game world. This update adds possibility to place tents and campfires. They are limited – each player can have 1 of each type at the same time and building next one removes previous instance of each object. In order to prevent several exploits, these objects can’t be placed in capital cities, player-controlled settlements and areas belonging to them.

    To place an object, you have to craft it using recipes which have been added to the set of recipes known by each character: Tent and Campfire, and then to use proper option in the context menu (RMB-click on crafted item in your inventory).

    – Tents – they work as personal one-time spawnpoint which gets destroyed after respawn
    – Campfires – they work as workshops for recently added Cooking and Herbalism craft


    Farming uses player-spawned objects system too – you can now plant your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals or flax. To place a plant in the world, you have to possess its’ seeds. Herbs’ seeds can be obtained while harvesting herbs found in the world, while seeds of other plants can be bought from food merchants.

    Crops nodes at farms of player-run locations have been changed into fields for farming. Keep in mind that there are different areas with various ground quality, which directly affects the final amount of received crops. Types of areas for farming and their quality:
    – Openworld (non-loot) – 20%
    – Openworld PVP (loot) – 40%
    – Farms in non-loot areas – 50%
    Farms in PVP (loot) areas – 80%
    Farms in guild castles and central parts of each link (Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven, Hordun Temple, Tenebrok, Rodrock, Scarsdale, Greenport, Seaclaw, Ulfgard) – 100%

    Seeds planted at in openworld can be plundered or destroyed by any player, though robbing or destroying an ally player’s crops is considered as a crime and punished with short-term Traitor status, the same way as killing an ally player. Crops planted at farms are fully protected from being destroyed or robbed by ally players and enemy players can’t interact with them until their nation captures a given farm.

    The amount of gathered crops depends on used tools as well, depending on their Mowing statistic and tool’s tier. At +0 the modifier varies from 80% to 100%, though each quality level gives flat +1% bonus (maximum: 107% at +7 tool of 5th tier).

    Moreover, in the nearest future we’re going to change the static fields with cereals and flax in safezones into farming fields used in quests.

    EU Servers’ combining & Guild Control update

    – Combined EU servers: Wolfield and Estovia and renamed new combined server into [Europe]Eaglewood
    – From now on, each location has separate timeframe of State of War: Order of Original Faith’s Keep is first, Castle Audunstede second and Skergard third, because the latter is hardest to defend, especially by smaller guilds
    – If the guild controls 2 locations, it will have a choice which of them apply to all provinces under its’ control; thanks to it, it will be much harder for one guild to dominate an entire server. Moreover, since there will 3 different State of War events per day mixed with tournaments in between, so the PVP should be more frequent now
    – Updated starting hours of tournaments and SoW - list converted to GMT (you can use any time converter to see what hour is it in your time zone - example)


    – New Glory season has started – top players have received rewards for their ranks: titles, CP and in-game currency
    – Top players of the Arena ranking will also receive time-limited titles next week (they will be available for rewarded players for the duration time of each season)
    – From now on, Brandon’s world event is separated from post-tournament events and can be started by completing a starting event (minimal level is 40)
    – Introduced “Character name change” scroll which can be purchased from Glory vendor or in Supporter Shop
    – Added loot model for NPCs which drops on the ground after NPC’s death – thanks to this change it’ll be easier to take the NPCs’ loot
    – Reduced the “Valley of Death” PVP Tournament registration time down to 5 minutes
    – From now on, using skin’s item in inventory automatically applies it on items which are using given skin
    – Added video hint to the skins system
    – Improved Supporter Shop’s interface
    – Added wells spawners and additional well model with spawner at spawnpoint in Mereley
    – Fixed an issue allowing to successfully capture a flag at tournament even though unsticking through ESC menu or moving to arena
    – Fixed assigning crafting experience gain to proper crafts when gathering resources
    – Restored entering the FPP mode by holding RMB while being armed with bow equipped
    – Fixes to headless NPC models
    – Fixed broken translations in recipes’ tooltips
    – Fixes do quests