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  • 2 may 2019, at 19:41 Author: BartoldGV
    New world event, new enemies, new improvements! (Update v. – Steam Patch 173)

    Hello warriors!

    The new update is live! It introduced a brand new world event which extends the 5-man party formula offered by the Sea Wraiths event. New enemies and bosses await – time has come for you to face the fearsome tropical fauna! There are also many gameplay tweaks, quality of life and controller improvements and bugfixes. Try this update on your own!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    Quality of Life:

    – Added the second stage of the Sea Wraiths world event: The Abandoned Route which extends its location with new type of environment – tropical canyon inhabited by just-added hippos; reminder – this event is started by collecting the Map Fragments obtained from Sailors, Corsairs and Slave Hunters and bringing them to the Bounty Hunter who can be found in each nation’s capital city; the event requires a 5-man large party to join it (max 1 party per nation, limit is 2 groups at once) and is a good source of Sulfur, Calcite, Quilted Flax Canvas and Bandages
    – Significantly reduced the occurrence of attacks and detecting the attack input when the server’s FPS is reduced
    – From now on, after jumping, falling down, sliding down the slop and swimming a character will be slowed down for a while, as in the combat state, in order to prevent spamming jumping to evade combat
    – From now on, rewards for the crafting events are given only to players who gained 2 or 3 stars – this change was made in order to prevent exploiting these events by simply standing in their area when they ended
    – Updated the non-looting zones placed in the siege camps and spawnpoints at minor flags
    – Improvements to the Rite of the One world event
    – Improved rewards in the starting Sangmarian quests to mirror rewards in their Midlandic and Ismirean equivalents
    – Visual improvements to the starting Sangmarian quests
    – Removed wolves from the Volkvar Farm’s farming field
    – Udpated the arrows indicating nearby quests on the minimap, replacing them with the quest marker symbols
    – Removed unused spawnpoint North of the Lord Wraths’ Abbey
    – Added possibility to invite a player to the dice game when he/she is playing with the Innkeeper
    – Added gaining character experience for playing a dice game
    – Minor improvements to the dice game
    – Improved the calculation for stamina drain when swimming to secure it against possible exploits
    – Many smaller improvements to the starting quests


    – Fixed an issue causing that characters data couldn't be loaded for some players due to missing or damaged VC Redistributable files
    – Fixed receiving a reward from Robert for completing the “For Motherland!” and “Meet me on the battlefield” quests
    – Fixed an issue causing that NPCs in the guild provinces would spawn as the province was at level 0, disregarding its current ugprade level
    – Fixed the storage chest in Leaktown Lumbermill which used to drop farming materials instead of wood
    – Fixed an issue causing that the player-controlled locations wouldn’t downgrade if they were captured within the first 2 hours of the server’s session
    – Fixed the Meggy’s body model in Ismirean and Sangmarian version
    – Fixed an issue which could bug out using equipment after quickly pressing several consecutive hotbar shortcuts
    – Fixed rendering the character’s ears and hair when using the Legionary’s Heavy Spaulders
    – Fixed an issue causing that the Team Rocket NPCs spawned right after opening a chest instead of taking its content

    Latest comments:

    Asheram 9 may 2019, at 00:45

    Horses when?

    Jog 6 may 2019, at 13:33

    @Castiel - depends if you want MMORPG with crafting, off-combat activities, territory control and battles with 300 people or Arena game with 64 people max. Mordhau is a great game but is totally different except that in both of games you wield swords.

    I would suggest both ;)

    Castiel [Tsarkillo] 6 may 2019, at 11:31

    So this, or Mordhau?

    Jog 6 may 2019, at 11:29

    I will check the Renovator - Loyalist was fixed some time ago, like a half year or so.

    Cool Cat (anomaly hunter) 5 may 2019, at 20:25

    Some Steam Archivement not working for me: Renovator(i repaired my equipments more than 100 but not got this archivement.),Loyalist: in 2018 one time i earn monthly reward but i not got the archivement.