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  • 21 may 2019, at 10:39 Author: BartoldGV
    Fire at will! New world event, balance update & flaming projectiles (Update v. – Steam Patch 176)

    Hello warriors!

    A huge update just hit the servers! You receive a brand new Sangmarian-themed world event, updated position of Brandon the Raubritter’s castle, flaming projectiles for catapults and many improvements for the world PVP balance. Also, as always, there are numerous bugfixes and various gameplay improvements.

    Check this update on your own and see you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    World Balance:

    As we stated before in our world balance update plan, the former position of the Brandon world event looked unbalanced for some players. At the same time, Sangmarian players didn’t have their own dedicated raid. The update solves these problems by moving the Brandon event to a new location and adding a new raid in the middle of Sangmar-Midland link.

    Because of the missing dedicated raid, Snagmarian top-tier recipes could be purchased from Glory Vendors. Now that their raid is added, in the next update we will remove these recipes from Glory Vendors assortment after making sure that the raid works smoothly. The last steps of the mentioned balance update plan – moving Ragi and Catacombs events – will be done in the nearest updates.

    It addresses another balance issue too: a nation with the lowest numbers having no chance to fight other factions in the siege events due to the difference in numbers. Even while the nation with largest numbers has 2 locations to fight over at the same time in most cases, still the smallest nation often has to face two other ones at once, being pushed back to the spawnpoint and not being able to leave it.

    For this reason, this update introduces a balance check to the siege event invitations – moving directly to the event won’t be possible if one nation significantly overwhelms another one in numbers in these exact events. Yet still, the players of a dominating nation will have an option to get into such a siege event on foot or to join another link for a fight, just as it should look by the very beginning. Overall, the open world PvP parties will be able to gather up as much as they want because it is related to the leaders/parties skills – but the events won’t be creating such zerg.

    – Moved Brandon world event to a new location in the North, near Lord’s Wrath Abbey to balance out its position
    – Added a new, Sangmarian-themed world event with a brand new boss, Sirius the Exile – the new event is placed near Lordly Haven and it mirrors the Brandon and Ragi raids in terms of rewards and accessibility; it’s being started the same way as Brandon and Ragi raids – by delivering key fragments to the Keymaker nearby
    – Added verifying the player numbers for joining in the siege events – if one nation has at least 2x more players in the event than the other one (counting starts from 10+ players defending), joining it via the invitation window is not possible; this change was done in order to improve the siege events balance and reduce the occurrence of outnumbering another faction
    – Disabled the Last Stand variation of siege events, as they don’t fit the 3-nation open PVP formula – from now on, if a nation is pushed back to its native grounds, a siege will start on its fort in the non-looting zone (Dundrum, Ystad, Eaglenest)

    Sieges & Territory Control:

    – Further iteration of the sieges and siege engines – increased HP of fortifications and other upgradeable objects (except for siege engines) on nation-controlled castles , moving the sieges balance towards using the siege engines instead of axes and torches
    – Added flaming catapult projectiles which can be used to set wooden fortifications on fire and apply a burning effect on enemy players – you can swap swap the projectile type while controlling a catapult by pressing the Jump key (default: Spacebar)
    – Disabled talking to the Siege Engine Keeper inside castles controlled by enemy nation in order to prevent attackers from spawning siege engines right in the attacked locations
    – Added the Siege Engine Keeper NPCs near the Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple – temporarily they are placed in the suburb locations of these locations, but they will be moved to the dedicated siege camps soon
    – Increased the GC token’s cost up to 4 gold
    – From now on, a guild which wins the State of War receives 75% of the token’s cost
    – Updated the suburb area of Lord’s Wrath Abbey

    Quality of Life:

    – Interface and gameplay improvements to the siege engines spawning
    – Added descriptions of Daylock, Nightlock and Sirius event to the Upcoming Event window
    – Added new pieces of music played in specific places: inns with quests (Dead Raven Inn and Happy Rams Inn), Sea Wraiths event and Sirius the Exile event
    – From now on, the quest event requires 3 stars to receive reward
    – Updated the models of Warden’s Jerkin, Deserter’s Jerkin and Clan Jerkin
    – Minor improvements to the world events invitation window
    – Added the very first skins for weapons – King's Guard's Flaming Sword, Huskarl's Heavy Sword and Mamluk's Battle Scimitar; all new three skins can be applied to all of the top-tier longswords, disregarding their nation


    – Fixed an issue causing that the crafting events used to display different required items in the delivery menu and description
    – Fixed an issue allowing to farm the crafting events without delivering all needed items
    – Fixed an issue allowing to spawn a siege engine on another player
    – Fixed an issue preventing players from spawning some of the plants in Third Person camera
    – Fixed an issue causing that the Mercenary’s Chainmail recipe required using the Tailoring Workshop
    – Fixed an issue causing that NPC guards couldn’t reach players on the outer walls in the top courtyard of Hordun Temple
    – Fixed invisible waterfalls
    – Fixed opening the Lordly Haven Quartermaster’s shop via dialog
    – Fixed an issue which could cause some NPCs not spawning in the second Sangmarian questline
    – Fixed displaying the Keymaker’s name in his dialog box

    Latest comments:

    cheche Chang 23 may 2019, at 21:35

    @Jog Ok. Thanks for answering my question!

    Jog 23 may 2019, at 09:45

    @cheche Chang - not sure what you mean exactly, but their castles were moved already a few weeks ago.

    The One and Only Shings 23 may 2019, at 07:55

    The game could really use a buyback option so players won't lose high quality gear by accidentally selling them and also a main menu option so we don't have to open and close the game when switching characters.

    cheche Chang 23 may 2019, at 04:50

    When will Sangmar's first jump Castles be moved to the new destination?

    [BLD] Darth__ 21 may 2019, at 21:24

    Please developers balance the market for example buying dziwer is more cheaper than making yourself or even pushing yourself making like craftsman's axe or any other engineer craft is more expensive making yourself as crafter than buying it from market this just doesent make any sense in crafting when is cheaper to buy complete item from market than making yourself

    Jog 21 may 2019, at 14:07

    @ 騎士精神 - we are checking your report of high ping at Dukla server, doing maintenance on that machine to make sure it is not our server fault. Dukla will be back online within 5 minutes.

    TAIWAN 21 may 2019, at 13:57

    伺服器 一直重開 到底哪時能正常好好享受遊戲The server keeps reopening. Whenever you can normally enjoy the game.

    Cool Cat (anomaly hunter) 21 may 2019, at 11:26

    @Jog about the new NPC nad bows:
    -new NPC archers/crossbow men(ligth armored,heavy armored,bandits,soldiers...etc)(poachers can use his bow).
    separate the bows:
    -quiver(can hold limited arrow)
    -add the limit to the arrows
    but add type of arrow(each arrow had a different attribute):
    -standard arrow
    -wood head arrow
    -iron head arrow
    -steel head arrow
    -Legion arrow
    -Knight arrow
    -Warrior arrow
    -poisoned arrow(poisoned mushroom,or just poisoned what can buy in traders)
    -and + this arrows with a flame version.
    javelin/throwing spear:
    -wood javelin/throwing spear
    -iron javelin/throwing spear
    -steel javelin/throwing spear
    Can retake/gather the shoted arrow/javelin.

    Cool Cat (anomaly hunter) 21 may 2019, at 11:24

    @Jog i made a list with my ideas what missing and others to improve the game and you said horses i share what i wrote on this part:
    horses...... and "barn system ": well i try to help your work after i heard it and the next idea came to my mind:

    add barn next to the fast travell and it's look like a depot but a bit different. The animals what hold in barn need the food(straw for horse,donkey,cow) and water like the soldiers. The animals like horses can buy on mechant and can loot from "new NPC: cavalry:and this NPC give a lot of opportunity for armors,weapons(light,medium and heavy armors. like sang for the equites,legionary like a ancient rome,ismir the nord cavalry, and mids the Knights)".


    Jog 21 may 2019, at 11:03

    @Clover - I am working on the horses already which I stated on the changelog two weeks ago.

    Clover 21 may 2019, at 10:39

    add houses and horses -.-