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  • 31 may 2019, at 12:50 Author: BartoldGV
    New Glory season, new rankings to compete in, new improvements! (Update v. – Steam Patch 178)

    Hello warriors!

    A new update is live! It introduces a brand new type of week-long rankings, which expand the competition opportunities, as well as many balance and gameplay improvements requested by our Community. Read below for details!

    Moreover, let us welcome you to the new Glory season! The top players of the just ended season have earned their rewards and titles, so time to compete the others and fight your way to the top of the ladder! A little explanation for the new players: Glory is a season-based ranking which rewards you for activity in the faction v faction v faction PVP. The seasons last 2 months and are rewarded with unique titles, as well as gold. Also, every Thursday night you’ll get Contribution Points – an in-game currency used to purchase special items from the Glory Quartermasters. The amount of earned CP depends on your position in the leaderboard, so climb up it!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    Glory & Rankings:

    – New Glory season started!
    – Added Weekly Rankings displayed in the Rankings window which offer numerous activities to compete in and time-limited rewards (they last for a week); these rankings will reset every Thursday (the Experience ranking is one of the Weekly Rankings now)
    – From now on, a player doesn’t lose any Arena Points if he’s below Arena level 10 (it was level 15 until now)
    – Softened the Arena Points loss for players with low Arena level (10-20)
    – Added the max number of Arena Point which can be earned or lost in a single duel – the limit is set to 600AP

    Sieges & Balance:

    – Added a possibility to perform free transfer to a nation dominated on the player’s main server – it is available once every 60 days and can be done by talking to the Mercenaries Recruiter in the capital city and last stand fort of each nation; this change was done to allow players help nations which are clearly dominated/outnumbered/outplayed for long time, as it happens when the XP bonus for Greenleafs is enabled
    – From now on a player can have only one own siege engine spawned at the same time – until now, it was possible to have 2 siege engines spawned; change done in response to the Community’s feedback
    – Added the cooldown on spawning the siege engines in order to prevent spamming the enemy with them in a short time
    – Changed the number of players in the siege event party, which is required to enable the balance safeguard limiting the size of one nation’s event fast travel, from 10 down to 5 players
    – From now on, defenders in a siege event can still join it via the invitation box until they have the same number of players as the attackers
    – Improved ballistae placement on the upper courtyard’s towers in Lordly Haven to fix an issue causing that the defenders were falling down the walls

    Quality of Life:

    – Allowed guild officers to create and edit the guild recruitment offers in the recruitment board
    – Added basic NPC vendors at the minor player-controlled locations in the middle of the map (the ones which aren’t linked to the capital cities): farms, mines and lumbermills
    – Added new dynamic events for all nations which are located in the central areas of each link – these events are available for characters with level 50-70
    – Increased the minimal cooldown to start Brandon, Ragi and Sirius world events because they could start again before the previous run ends, which would bug out the entire event
    – Slowed down the player’s maximum rotation speed in combat to improve the overall synchronization
    – Slightly increased the kick’s time from start to connect to the target
    – Improved synchronizing the catapult’s projectile appearing with the shooting animation
    – Increased the Food Quality of the mid-tier meals in order to make them more profitable to craft and consume
    – Improved the sets of starting recipes known by specific archetypes
    – Improved displaying text in the game options
    - Updated colors pattern of the Sangmarian flag's displayed on the map, changing it from yellow to black with yellow - it makes the flag more visible and consistent with Sangmarian flag/emblems in every other place in the game
    – Updated description of the Survival Instinct ability
    – Updated descriptions of the Good Blood and Cold Blood buffs
    – Added wooden training one-handed sword and longsword which can be purchased from every Weaponsmith
    – Removed the requirement to use an axe as a tool in all of the Wood Billets recipes
    – Improved the tooltips informing a player where will he respawn or unstuck
    – Improved the dice game’s Help window interface


    – Fixed an issue causing problems with hit detection when players were at different height
    – Fixed an issue causing that kick used to interrupt the target’s attack despite the latter having the active Battle Rage ability
    – Fixed an issue causing that even though the frontline sieges used to end as the Nightlock started, enemy players could re-enter the location’s area to start generating the Siege Points (required to purchase Siege Engines) again
    – Fixed an issue causing that predefined siege engines from siege camps were going back to their spawn position after the location, in which area they were spawned, was captured
    – Fixed an issue causing that the player used to be randomly “detached” from a ballista when rotating it
    – Fixed an issue causing that catapults were displayed as shooting no projectile if they were rendered by the game’s client after being loaded
    – Fixed an issue causing that the Raider’s Chainmail recipe required using Tailoring Workshop
    – Fixed an issue causing that the “Echoes of the Past” event couldn’t be completed soon after the server’s restart because the Young Giant wouldn’t spawn in time
    – Fixed trees placement in the Ulfgard Lumbermill
    – Fixed breaking the lines in buff descriptions
    – Fixed an issue causing that some siege camp icons were doubled on the map
    – Minor fixes to reported level design issues

    Latest comments:

    Jog 31 may 2019, at 17:45

    @EnForcer - Of course they can join Siege events, they simply cannot fast travel in here if they have more than 2 times of numbers of players in this very certain Siege event. But once more, they can go on foot.

    Or, as most of the time two sieges starts at once, they can split and fast travel to attack other nation, instead of totally over-dominating one of them.

    So, Sieges are not limited - they only block fast travel to the location if one of the groups has more than 2 times members in here already, so the remaining players can join the second link siege with a fair fight, or go there by foot.

    Also - as you have given an example of "one nation don't join to block the second nation" - it would mean that they would be giving their own castles away without defending them, it would be simply not worth it.

    EnForceR 31 may 2019, at 16:13

    Okay, you cared about balance on battlefield when impelented it, but what other 15 mids should do, from your example, if it's only 10 allowed to join? It's more then half of nation from online that you saying to them: "Okay, do another stuff or travel by foot". I also see how it can be exploited by leaders of underdog nation, they can say in nation chat or discord "Okay, we have 10 players that are ready to join, but let's join only 5 and then we can not to give fun for 15 midlanders who are going to need travel by foot if they want action..." It's other side of the coin.

    Kibsoon 31 may 2019, at 15:20

    The only limitations of the party are world events - Sea Wraith (5) and Volcano (7). There are many reasons to do that exactly this way.

    Oh, and there is another one - Valley of Death got limitations. Max is 25 per nation, however, it is capped to the middle nation. So when there are 25 mids and 10 ismirs and 5 sangmars, then there will go inside 10 per nation to give equal chances.

    BartoldGV 31 may 2019, at 13:51

    @EnForceR I'm not sure if you understood it properly then. When one nation has at least 5 members in the siege event party, then we start checking the proportions between attackers and defenders. This safeguard lets attackers join the event via invitation window unless they have 2x more players than defenders, and on the other hand, defenders can join unless they have exactly the same numbers (or higher) than the enemy. So, there can be even 100v100 situation, it's just about the disproportions and overall balance. Hope it helps to understand it. :)

    EnForceR 31 may 2019, at 13:40

    Everything is good except siege party limitation to 5 people, maybe it's okay on underpopulated servers but i see "Massively Multiplayer" mark on this game when i open main page...

    GhostAssassin 31 may 2019, at 12:52