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  • 6 juny 2019, at 18:08 Author: BartoldGV
    Guild heraldics on shields update! (Update v. – Steam Patch 179)

    That’s the day many of you have been waiting for – finally, the guild heraldics can be displayed on your shields! Also, we planned to introduce the player’s personal heraldics in this update too but we had to postpone it for the next week. Anyway, enjoy and don’t forget to show us your formations with pretty shields painted in your guild’s emblems!

    We are also working very hard or improving our combat and synchronization. We had a hope put a nice update this week on that matter, but as those changes are very complex we decided to postpone it until next week putting much more overall improvements. Special thanks to all of the players showing us reproduction of the issues – this speeds up fixing the issues a lot (and brings cool rewards to those players!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    Guild Heraldics & Ranks

    – Added displaying the guild heraldics on the players’ shields! almost all of the shields already support this system and the remaining few will be prepared for it within 24 hours – you can enable displaying the Coat of Arms on shields in the inventory window
    – Expanded the available guild ranks with 3 new ones: Viceleader, Veteran and Recruit; the former has exactly the same permissions as the Leader except for assigning/removing the Leader and Viceleader ranks, while Veteran and Recruit share their permissions with the Member rank
    – Added mechanics allowing to force the guild’s Leader change if he didn’t log in for long time: Viceleader can claim the guild after 30 days and any Officer can claim the guild after 60 days of the Leader’s constant inactivity
    – From now on, the siege engine’s chassis is instantly destroyed when it enters the guild castle’s area – this system prevents gathering siege engines from all around the world at GCs for either attack or defense until they are ready to be fully introduced for State of War battles

    Note - if you'd experience issue with some of your Coat of Arms' symbols not fitting well on the shield, there's a high chance that you're using standard shapes rather than repeatable ones. Replacing such a symbol with its repeatable version might solve this kind of issues, i.e.:


    – Significantly improved the players synchronization while rotating thanks to very detailed reports received from one of the players (who will be rewarded properly for this awesome help) – thanks a lot!
    – From now on, kicks don’t interrupt the other players’ attacks – this is a prototype change done in response to many requests from the Community, which appeared to be working well during our internal tests
    – Increased damage dealt by spears with attacks other than stabs

    Weekly Rankings:

    – Added new unique, time-limited rewards for some of the Weekly Rankings – golden skins for tools for gathering resources (they can't be purchased - only way to obtain them is through the ranking system)
    – Added 2 new weekly rankings for playing the dice game and fighting the dominating nations
    – From now on, leaders and viceleaders of the Weekly Rankings are updated and sorted instantly
    – From now on, all weekly count ups for rankings take place on Fridays at 8AM CEST

    Quality of Life:

    – Improved the Eastern bridge leading to Haddah Castle to allow siege engines go through it
    – Improved the ramp inside Haddah Castle to allow smaller battering rams reach the upper gatehouse
    – From now on, siege engines with no chassis durability left will slowly lose their HP with every shot fired
    – Updated the second stage of the starting Sangmarian quests – area between the stone bridge and tavern – adding there a quest using the siege engines
    – Slightly reduced the minimal cooldown to start Brandon, Ragi and Sirius world events
    – Added a new siege engine: trebuchet, which has been used in the updated Sangmarian quest; soon it will be used in starting quests of other nations too, as well as in the player-built castles
    – Added a new tutorial explaining how to use catapults, trebuchets and ballistae
    – Updated position of the Penal Work events
    – Updated descriptions of the Penal Work events
    – Added disabling the in-game player markers after pressing F6
    – Updated some texts in the siege engines spawning window
    – Updated some of the NPC dialogs
    – Improvements to the Glory window’s interface


    – Fixed an issue causing that the Brandon’s prisoners used to return to the castle after being freed
    – Fixed an issue allowing to hide behind a fence at the spawnpoint of a 1v1 duel arena
    – Fixed learning the Servant’s Greaves and Wanderer’s Greaves recipes


    Hotfix 2019-06-07

    Quality of Life:

    – Updated algorithms randomizing the siege events and attacking/defending nations
    – Slightly increased damage done to buildings and fortifications in the nation-controlled castles (not GCs) with melee weapons
    – Added an error message displayed when a player with insufficient permissions tries to interact with gates and siege engines (i.e. oil) in guild castles
    – Applied the updated kicking mechanics on NPCs
    – Added an additional spawnpoint for low-level players inside a fort in the recently updated Sangmarian starting quest
    – Added an additional spawnpoint for low-level players by the inn in the Ismirean starting quests
    – Added the missing Excavation Overseer NPC at the Sangmarian excavation site
    – Moved the Sangmarian excavation site slightly closer to the main road
    – Added highlighting the player’s guild in the Guild Ranking
    – Improvements to the dice game’s interface
    – Improved the shield’s visuals dropdown in the Inventory window
    – Added 2 ballistas in the training arena for practice purposes
    – Level design tweaks to the recently updated Sangmarian starting quest
    – Improved the trebuchet’s collider and texture quality


    – Fixed an issue causing that re-heating Roasted Venison and Knight's Chuck didn’t require any fuel
    – Fixed an issue causing that kicks were applying a cooldown on the target player’s attacks if he was standing idle
    – Fixed an issue causing that one of the Valley of Death Tournament minor flags didn’t generate points for controlling it
    – Fixed an issue causing that some models in the world were disabled after yesterday’s update
    – Fixed an issue causing that Menas from the Sangmarian starting quests wouldn’t spawn in some cases
    – Fixed transferring to a dominated nation for free via the Mercenaries Recruiter’s dialog
    – Fixed missing graphics assets in the Guild window’s header bar

    Latest comments:

    Cool Cat (anomaly hunter) 9 juny 2019, at 08:22

    Awesome update! Lot of fix and improve. The guild herald to shield good idea.:)

    Not here i wrote the ideas i started a topics read it pls if need some idea for improve the game(recipes which can faster a craft a bit,armor sets ideas(just the set list),new NPC(archers,warriors)ideas, fishing(small descipsion how i imagine this),new food recipes,some new ideas.)

    Clover 8 juny 2019, at 15:06

    The day I am waiting for is when you say horses have been added.

    BartoldGV 7 juny 2019, at 19:03

    A hotfix has been applied to fix the reported issues - a list of changes can be found at the bottom of the patch notes.

    AJ 7 juny 2019, at 02:23

    Asheram 49 minutes ago
    The day I am waiting for is when you say horses have been added.

    Asheram 7 juny 2019, at 01:33

    The day I am waiting for is when you say horses have been added.

    Siegbert 6 juny 2019, at 18:17

    Great news! Can't wait for the personalized heraldrics