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  • 9 april 2020, at 14:56 Author: BartoldGV
    Weekly Update 217 – Commands system just added!
    Hello warriors!

    Another update filled with Quality of Life improvements is live! This week we’ve added a long-requested feature: quick chat commands selected from the roulette that let you give orders to your allies!

    Moreover, from this update, you’ll be rewarded for being active in the State of War! Either a defender or attacker, join the siege to get your effort paid back. Check down below for details!

    Also, we’re thinking about a satisfying solution for the Open State of War which takes place on Saturdays. We’re aware it might be inconvenient to be forced to come for it every week, even though the addition of Open SoW has been welcomed warmly since it created a lot of open-world PVP opportunities, and that’s why most of us play Gloria Victis. Moreover, prior to introducing the Open Sow, there was at least one nation without any Guild Castle on every server, which isn’t the case anymore.

    For these reasons, we’d like to keep the Open SoW in-game, but to reduce its frequency a bit. So our idea is to have an Open SoWs once every 2 weeks, and in between them you’ll have a chance to take part in the automated and improved 5v5 tourneys, with complete matchmaking and grouping system. We'll be aiming to have more different activities in the future, so Open SoWs could then happen less frequently.

    Tell us what do you think about this idea! Of course, we’re all for introducing more various activities for Saturdays in the future, so we encourage everyone to share your ideas too.

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    As always, the screenshot's author is rewarded. sCaRfaCe – check your Ambers after the next scheduled restart!

    Quality of Life:
    – Introduced a command system which lets you select quick commands from a roulette to display them in the Say chat – this addition should greatly help coordinate the actions of a group of players in the heat of battle
    – Introduced rewards for the activity in State of War (can be gained only once during the given time frame of State of War) to promote more engagement and actually attacking the enemy locations:
    • Single reward for defenders who were present in the province during State of War, if the location was eventually captured
    • Double reward for defenders who were present in the province during State of War, if they successfully defended it – this reward replaces the single reward for a lost defense
    • Single reward for the attackers who were present in the province during State of War, if they managed to reach 100% of activity in the siege
    • Additional single reward for the attackers who were present in the province during State of War, if they eventually captured the province

    – From now on, the boiling oil at the guild castle keep has 3 minutes of cooldown, contrary to 1 minute at the nation-controlled castle keeps
    – Slightly increased the mount’s running and sprinting speed
    – Disabled a possibility to unstuck while swimming to prevent exploiting it
    – Improved placement of numerous resource nodes in various locations
    – Updated the placement of NPC enemies near Otton the Raubritter’s hideout and doubled their respawn time
    – Updated the levels of the dynamic events in the area between Blackrock and Volkvar castles because they weren’t visible for most of the players
    – Updated the location upgrading tutorial and the name of the Architect’s Table

    – Fixed an edge-case bug causing receiving the traitor status for a player who applied bleeding to an ally in the open-world arena (i.e. in the guild castle) and left the arena before the bleeding ended
    – Fixed a bug causing that equipping an already equipped item by a hotbar key used to queue up, ending in a loop of equipping the same item
    – Fixed searching items in the Market window in German and Korean languages
    – Fixed a bug causing that the production speed bonus at player-build furnaces worked only until the server restart
    – Fixed a bug causing that the medics didn’t get a share of NP for kills gained by the player who they revived, but those players gained more NP than they should get
    – Fixed a bug causing that when comparing two items, the tier/quality overlay was copied from the first item to the second one
    – Fixed a bug causing that the 1v1 arena duel icon was replaced with an old icon after registering to a duel
    – Fixed the dialogs of Sir Rodric and Askell
    – Fixed the respawn time of mercenaries in the “Menace in the Mist” questline
    – Fixed a bug causing displaying a false icon of the player’s mount on the map even before it was spawned
    – Fixed a bug causing that the ambient sound effects of birds could stack on each other in some cases
    – Minor fixes to various dynamic events
    – Fixed a bug causing that the dynamic events in the area between Dimar and Waterford castles weren’t visible on the map

    Latest comments:

    Dardanthian 20 april 2020, at 14:26

    I haven't made a review yet, but I guess I will do it here. I am enjoying this game a lot, but the things that frustrate me are combat, farming, and crafting.

    Combat is really wonky. You can block down with your shield, and it protects you from head shots. It also covers your attack. This is super annoying. Then when it comes to the shield break kick it has a huge area of affect, and it's difficult to time. Ontop of that you have the feinting cancel animation where you can just spam going back and forth. People take advantage of the glitches, and will just do these over and over again. Daggers are broken, and it makes me really frustrated when I get back stabbed, bled, and killed in a matter of seconds. Bows are really overpowered, and it takes a lot of the fun out of siege when you get destroyed by them. I suggest lowering the damage a bow can do to siege engines, and giving a buff to a player pushing the engine. I would even suggest putting the ability for multiple people to push the engine at once to help sieges become more practical. Ontop of that I would make it to where two people can ride on a horse. As my guild mates and I were discussing yesterday ROBLOX allows this, and Gloria Invictus doesn't. That makes it really outdated. Different skins for the mounts as well should be a priority. It gets really boring seeing the same kind of horse over and over again.

    Farming takes a long time to do, and placing nodes often glitch out. I suggest that you make it to where you can plant it all in one click, and water it as well. Remove the open world planting of crops, and have them auto plant by going through a sign post or something. Then if someone wants to stand around and tend their crops they can do so. I would just limit the nodes to one plant open world per 10 seeds, or something like that. This would allow farming to be streamlined, and allow all players to plant when they want to. Maybe even make the amount of plots per a farm be tied to farm level? So a level one farm would have four plots, two eight, three sixteen, ect., The current system glitches out a lot and if you could either update it to where when your trying to plant wheat it doesn't glitch, or replace it with a new system that would be great. The other thing I would suggest is that you get the community to make pictures for the seeds for you. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to see the seeds updated for herbs, and the other plants that look exactly the same. It makes it really difficult to differentiate between the seeds, and is hard to see which seeds you do or don't have.

    Crafting is a good system, however there is no set in stone progression. For instance there aren't missions that tell you this is Tier one crafting, Tier two, Three ect., Instead you have to go through a bunch of recipes and figure it out yourself. It would be nice to have the achievements be linked to the different tiers of resources, and also give new players a dump of these kinds of resources after achieving it. This would encourage people to craft, and allow them to understand how it works. The same goes for leveling your character. After level 50 you are left to the way side, and don't know what the best things are. For instance I had no clue how great Sea Wraiths were, Volcano, or the other events like this until other players took me through them. I also suggest that you limit the number of items for crafting, and streamline it. Right now there are a bunch of different items required to craft one item that are kind of redundant. For instance you could make iron lump into iron bar, and then have people make iron bars into steel bars with coal. And follow that up with all of the other kinds of bars in the game. Make less additives to create items, and allow people to sort the crafting menu when trying to find things. Sorting items into tiers for the players would help this as well. You already have the system in place with White,Green,Blue,Purple, and yellow. Why not allow players to sort these tiers of equipment when crafting? Also, I would have sub tiers in the game instead of the same stats for each category. For instance different grades of each tier.

    The last thing that I have an issue with in regards to the game is the fact that the engine you are running on is so old. The UI is really outdated, and a lot of text is missing in the game. I am asking that you look to the community to put out ideas for these things. I would gladly redesign the UI for free, write the text for a bunch of items that have filler, and do any other work like that for you. I am sure there are other community members who feel the same.

    Thanks for making Gloria Victis I am really enjoying it. I just hope that some of these glitchy things will be fixed, and that progression will be streamlined.

    M-A-X-E™ 14 april 2020, at 19:02

    Dear https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125792273 [developer]

    How about use the earned money to change the game engine with ? unreal 4 engine ?

    Next listen to your customers is a good idea ...

    Then maybe use your sparetime to fix all your god damn bugs and faults in the game mechanic´s and other stuff ?

    Maybe get a better chat system ? or maybe get a better crafting and bank system ?

    maybe just fine ajust the allready made contents into something better and better looking without players needs a Titan Z or X card to run the bloody game ..

    And maybe not used upscaled graphics ? but instead use 3d models and photorealistic screen capturing ? .. you get that for free in Unreal 4 Engine ready to use and all .. all you need to do is to take the picture or use someone ells picture for it .. and bum bam you can build a total photo realistic game, with alot better game performance in alot higher details than you will ever be able to get with upscaled graphics, and it will cost alot less system resources ..

    SO all in all that would be a win win situation for you ..

    BUT all it takes is you to bite the dust and say ok, this game wont work as it is, then change what i just mention above ...

    You will get alot more customers by doing it ..

    remember you are up against games like Mythic - Dark age of camelot, Everquest 2, even Kingdom come: deliverance is better though only singleplayer .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OibhtvyyE4

    But look at the graphics mann .. thats 2020 graphics and what you try to sell is outdated by 10 years mann .. § :steamfacepalm:


    Look at this movie here .. and then you get your game up to year 2020 instead of year 2006 !


    atleast get it up to this level here ..


    Dearsun 13 april 2020, at 18:12

    where is army?

    duckerdy 12 april 2020, at 10:16

    Originally posted by R A U:
    ♥♥♥ your self idiot developers.
    stay mad :)

    jrc 11 april 2020, at 18:28

    When was this screenshot taken? LOL.

    MassFX 11 april 2020, at 13:57

    The number of online is too low. Why not make the game free????

    R A U 11 april 2020, at 02:15

    ♥♥♥ your self idiot developers.