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  • 23 april 2020, at 15:15 Author: BartoldGV
    Weekly Update 218 – Free Skin & Party System Overhaul!
    Hello warriors!

    First things first – you've got a free skin! As you probably already know it, that our friends from Fish Tank Studio are making Gloria Victis: Siege which will be set in the Gloria Victis world, and they just hit 10.000 on Steam Wishlist!

    It means that every player who logged to Gloria Victis in the last week, as well as those who will log in before the next scheduled restart at 9:20 AM GMT, will get the Ismir Leader Helm from the trailer for free!
    • Every player who logged within the last 7 days received an in-game notification which lets you claim the badass Kargald Champion Helm skin
    • Moreover, every player who logs until the next scheduled restart (Apr 24th, 9:20 AM GMT+2) will get the skin too, right at the restart
    • Next goal – the public reveal of the first soundtrack made by famous Marcin Przybyłowicz and Magda Urbańska!
    • We will reveal another goal next week, so stay tuned!

    On the other hand, a new weekly update has arrived – and we've overhauled the party system! With the addition of customizable player icons on the map, toggleable visibility of such, new types of the party which you can choose from, and numerous smaller or bigger improvements, this system will be much more convenient from now. Besides that, there are several optimization changes, various gameplay improvements and some new crazy looking skins to choose from.

    Try out the update and claim your own Kargald Helm skin for free, and see you in battle!

    Changelog v.
    Party System:
    – Introduced the party management panel allowing the party leader to:
    • Set the party type
    • Toggle the map position visibility for each player
    • Set the detailed permissions for party members
    • Set the displayed symbol for each player’s position marker

    – Introduced various party types, besides the standard one:
    • Hidden – allows to hide the position of party members and give permissions to see them to selected players, so you can i.e. hide your scouts from the spies or hide everyone, or show only leaders, and so on
    • Open – every player can invite new members and accept them, although still there is a leader who can change the party settings, kick players, hide their positions and so on
    • No leader – a common party which doesn't require preparations; by default, no player takes the rulership and all members are equal but any member can become the leader at any time

    Quality of Life:

    – Several server-side optimization improvements
    – Updated placement of the NPC enemies to improve the server-side performance and reduce the number of NPC enemies encountered in the PVP areas, i.e. in the central part of the world
    – Numerous minor improvements to the players synchronization, such as fix to the bug causing that the first step made by the player’s character seen by another player was made in the same direction where the character was moving when in stopped, or that the character seen by another player didn’t immediately stop when running at another character, even though it actually stopped on the player’s PC and on the server
    – Updated the crafting chance calculation due to a recent fix to a bug causing that the Mentor Points used to give way too much bonus chance, which was additionally hidden by the fact that, by design, the bonuses from Mentor Points are not visible so even if the interface displayed i.e. 84% chance for +4 item, it was actually 100%; we don't want to bring back the wrong calculations for Mentor Points but we increased the base chance for using +4 workshop, so instead of the former 84% chance for +4 items you used to get with all bonuses except cards, it will now be 90% (plus the hidden “luck factor” from the number of your Mentor Points), so while creating a +3 item at the top workshop will theoretically be possible, it’s not going to happen frequently
    – Added the prefix to the names of dynamic events which are designed for groups
    – Several minor improvements to various quests and dynamic events
    – Addeda new set of skins for the Black Guard medium armor, fitting to the Mercykiller’s Helm
    – Added 3 skins for one-handed axes

    – Fixed the arena button’s tooltip and progress bar texts when moving to/from the arena
    – Fixed displaying the interaction labels when hovering the cursor over the mount
    – Fixed a bug causing that the player’s attack could get false-positive registered as an ally hit
    – Fixed a bug causing small client-side desynchronization of the mount’s disappearing
    – Fixed the clipping issues for several shoes models
    – Fixed the Midland nation’s name Chinese translation – it’s been changed from 中土 to 米德兰

    Latest comments:

    Lordie 27 april 2020, at 01:31

    I wonder if this game is still alive, i used to play it very much but the loot system dragged me out of it.

    Moose 26 april 2020, at 10:07

    Sorry, but these "need to login before hit the whistlist cap" is a little bit silly move.. and yeah, i missed the helmet skin :/

    Ungwe Lianti 25 april 2020, at 11:33

    Did not receive any helmet....

    jrc 24 april 2020, at 04:04

    Why would you want it? It's probably the most ludicrous piece of headgear in the game. There's a fable about a deer with a rack like this... he gets eaten after his source of pride gets caught in branches.

    BarbaRuiva 24 april 2020, at 00:17

    Where I should get this helm ? I logged today after I get the notice and I can't find it