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  • 30 april 2020, at 15:02 Author: BartoldGV
    Weekly Update 219 – AI & NPC Balance Updated!
    Hello Warriors!

    This week we’ve focused mostly on improving the AI of humanoid NPC enemies. The abilities of the NPC enemies couldn’t be even remotely compared to how the players fight – but no more! From now on, the NPCs are going to pose a real challenge. It also means that we could decrease the number of the NPC enemies in the world, which means improved server- and client-side optimization and, at the same time, improved ways to teach new players the combat basics. Read below for details!

    Moreover, we’ve updated the training PVP arena to adjust it to the current needs of the growing Community, and to prepare it for the planned automated and improved 5v5 tournaments. Check it on your own!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    As always, the screenshot's author is rewarded. Ensiheiluja – check your Ambers after the next scheduled restart!

    AI Update & NPCs Balance:
    The changes done to the AI of NPC enemies in melee combat will be especially helpful for new players, who will be able to learn the necessary reactions through practice, and quicker enter the world of PvP as worthy opponents for the experienced players.

    Secondly, the experienced players used to the existing mechanics should be aware that the NPCs will now use blocks and feints more efficiently – you might need a while to adjust to this change but, finally, you will have any challenge in PVE combat.

    At the end of the day, the changes allowed us to reduce the number of NPC enemies in the world, which led to improving the game’s optimization, both client- and server-side. The new changes will be tweaked in the following updates, i.e. we’ll be implementing some “mistakes” to be made by the NPCs. List of changes done to the AI:

    – NPC enemies will react faster and attack faster – higher the level, faster and smarter they now get in combat (reactions of the level 1-10 NPCs are additionally slowed down to help new players learn the ropes)
    – Higher the level, better the chances that the NPC will block from the correct direction and that the block will come right in time
    – NPC enemies use kicks more often now, except for NPCs below level 20
    – NPCs can now effectively feint, except for NPCs below level 20 – higher the level, more chances that the NPC will feint from time to time
    – The NPC enemy’s attacks can’t be interrupted with yellow powerbar attacks any longer, so now it works the same as against players
    – Kicking the NPCs will no longer stun them unless they were actually blocking, so now it works the same as against players
    – Fixed staggering an NPC when the player successfully blocks a shieldbash
    – Updated the statistics and placement of numerous NPC enemies and guards in the world

    Servers’ Optimization:
    Thanks to many videos which we’ve received from our players, showing exactly specific issues, we were able to find many areas where we can improve the servers’ performance. Moreover, we’ve already applied numerous fixes in this update, which should help reduce the lags happening when the current population of a server reaches its’ max capacity, as well as in the largest battles.

    Thanks to those videos we’ll be able to apply more improvements over the next few weeks, so every developer at Black Eye Games who can contribute to this aspect will fully focus on it. We’ll still be profiling the servers at large battles and State of War and, of course, further videos from such events with /showuidebug command enabled will help use even more.

    Thank you for your help!

    Arena Update:

    The first tourists visiting the construction site of a new Arena complex]

    We’ve updated the training PVP arena to adjust it to the current needs of the growing Community, and to prepare it for the planned automated and improved 5v5 tournaments. What’s changed?
    – The arena stands are now closer to the combat area
    – The inner square is now visibly separated from the other parts of the arena
    – Places where players could get blocked by each other have been reworked
    – Added 6 new 1v1 ranked duel arenas (there are 9 in total now) to prevent players from waiting for a free spot in the duel arenas, and added additional stands for the spectators

    Quality of Life:
    – Several optimization improvements – thanks to many videos from our players, showing exactly specific issues, we were able to find many areas to improve, and already applied numerous fixes which should reduce the lags happening when the current population of a server reaches its’ max capacity, as well as in the largest battles
    – From now on, the recently added skins for 1-handed axes (Black Coats' Tomahawk, Battleborn's Axe and Strithox) can be applied to the Black Guard’s Battle Axe too
    – Slightly increased the blades of the Black Coats' Tomahawk, Battleborn's Axe and Strithox axes skins
    – From now on, all skins for longswords can be applied to the Karleonian Longsword too
    – Removed some buttons in the Party window aren’t needed any longer after the recent update of the Party system
    – Added the option to change the Party type to the Party list panel displayed on the game’s HUD
    – Updated the wood billets delivering stage in the Florin’s Lute quest to make it more intuitive
    – Improved the detail of the Kargald Champion’s Helm skin
    – Minor improvements to the starting tutorials

    – Fixed a bug causing that a player could get false-positive marked as a traitor because of assists
    – Fixed updating the damage multiplier value when equipping the parts of armor
    – Fixed a visual bug causing that the cooldown on using the /home command, which lasts for 2 days after joining a guild – could get shortened (only visually) down to 10 minutes after moving to the Guild Castle via Logistician
    – Fixed a bug causing that blacksmith Eligius didn’t open his shop after completing the starting Sangmarian quests
    – Fixed displaying colors on the lowest Level of Detail meshes of the Black Guard’s Armour
    – Fixed several equipment clipping issues

    Latest comments:

    Zachary_Gamble 7 may 2020, at 17:23

    you guys really don't even play your own game lol

    Zachary_Gamble 7 may 2020, at 17:22

    npcs were already harder then most players XD

    SlavsFamilyPL 7 may 2020, at 10:48

    wiadomość do twórców nie znudzeni jesteście ciągłymi aktualnościami na temat waszej gry że niby balans jest naprawiony?a gdzie stworzenie frakcji słowian o które prosiłem tyle ??twórcy tej gry jak i nie tylko tej nie liczą się z graczami polskimi....jeśli chodzi sugestię skargi dla nich ważne jest że kupiłeś a potem martw się sam....czemu tak mówię/piszę? miałem sytuację gdzie idę sobie przejąć baze i jest ci gracz świeży nawet nieodziany w nic ja miałem i mam wysoki lvl zbroje broń dobrą może nie najlepszą i do czego zmierzam typ mnie załatwił na strzała lub na dwa strzały a na turniejach nie ma szans ile kroć chciałem wspierać swoich to moja broń okazywała się bezużyteczna co broń nowa co nowe doświadczenie myslałem sobie ee w końcu będę krakać jak i ony a tu co nie robisz za przepraszam za wyrażenie za szmate do bicia kopania z misjami nie ruszyłem bo misje mi rzuca tam gdzie jest teren wroga po jakiego tam mam iśc aby mnie okradli cenny też wysokie sprzedaż pomiędzy graczami nie idzie mi a nie wystawiam szajskiego sprzętu ta gra nie daje szans aby uzyskać taki poziom jak ci co wymiatają na turniejach powiedzą ci że zbroja miecz nie wystarczy liczy się jeszcze skill umiejętności krew zalewa wtedy odradzam tej gry gra tez ma duzo swoich błedów

    TkOmEsS 5 may 2020, at 13:40

    Agree! :headbash:

    EssN 5 may 2020, at 04:43

    Please decrease the new npc's power, it is pretty impossible to kill them on 1v1.
    they spawn attack so fast, they almost never miss block. It is really annoying :hurts:

    TkOmEsS 3 may 2020, at 15:11

    Was leaving the game aside because I had a Hard Time with the Respawn of some NPCs, which is/was wayyyy 2 Quick. Now let see if the new Changes will help cope with that issue!. Thank you for the work and keep polishing this game, it's Worth It! ***Tried and Still NOT there yet and the balance... not right either! Will wait for next patch.

    Serenity Now! 3 may 2020, at 00:07

    Is everyone still doing that dumbass looking at their own feet stance in combat these days?

    zz10topic 1 may 2020, at 21:25

    The level of difficulty of the npc has risen, but they still droping same crap as always. Reward balance, plz.

    Ensiheiluja 1 may 2020, at 14:54

    Thanks devs! Keep up the good work