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  • 14 may 2020, at 17:08 Author: BartoldGV
    Weekly Update 221 – New Glory Season & Synchro Update!

    Hello warriors!

    The new Glory season arrived! Kudos for every participant, and congratulations for the best players and guilds in the rankings. It’s our tradition that we publish something big with the start of new season – sometimes it was content, sometimes a new system, or important changes to rankings, like introduction of Glory per nation or seasons of guild ranking. This time we’ve got something special for you too, but it is different than before. Today we want to present you a huge synchro update!

    First of all, we want to thank all the players who sent us tons of movies with /showuidebug command. It gave us a lot of data to analyze and greatly helped us locate the current issues. The changes done to synchro, which you can find below, are just a first part so be encouraged to send us even more reports if you’d find any further issues – it helps us a lot!

    We were gathering lots of performance logs over the last few weeks so we could continuously improve the overall performance of our servers. We are satisfied with the results, especially when biggest battles happens the average server FPS increased significantly. Due to the performance improvements we recently had, we made a tweak increasing synchronization tickrate above normal numbers if the server holds target FPS.

    From the player perspective, though, the desync always feels like direct issue of server performance. Obviously, if there are issues with the server-side performance, desync is going to happen, but we’ve found out that this was way more often related to edge-case bugs, not the servers’ optimization.

    It wouldn’t be possible if not the players support showing us movies with exact issues reproduction. Once again, thank you all for your help!

    Also, a little explanation about the new Glory season for the new players: Glory is a season-based ranking which rewards you for activity in the faction v faction v faction PVP. The seasons last about 2 months and the top players are rewarded with unique titles, achievements and gold. Also, every Thursday night you’ll get Contribution Points – an in-game currency used to purchase special items from the Glory Quartermasters. The amount of earned CP depends on your position in the leaderboard, so climb up!

    Take your chances and climb up the ranking ladders over these last few days of this season. The fame and rewards await!

    See you in battle!

    Changelog v.

    As always, the screenshot's author is rewarded. BeskarionYT – check your Ambers after the next scheduled restart!

    Synchro/Controller changes:
    We had a big run with the games comparable to Gloria Victis, and all of them had one common difference – you were either unable to achieve full movement speed with such a short time (in GV it was 0.3s, no matter if you were trying to switch from running backwards to
    sprinting forward, or getting from idle to walk speed). We have changed it, so now you can only gain or lose a specified value change of your speed within a set amount of time instead of constant 0.3s for changing the movement speed in any case, as its been before.

    Obviously, it will now take more time to get from idle to sprint, than it takes from idle to walk – which sounds pretty reasonable, and helps us to improve the synchronizations changes. The same thing happened to max rotations speed.

    Moreover, the double-tapping Shift feature was pretty unreliable for a long time. We even had an option to "Sprint while autorunning" for this reason, and it was even more misleading because when being unarmed, you didn't have to tap the Shift twice, because there was no difference between march and running state at being unarmed. Now, we have made some deep changes to the movement system, which make the controller less complicated and more reliable.

    For that reason:

    • When you don't press Shift – you run,
    • When you attack or get hit – you get into the march speed,
    • When you press Caps Lock – you walk,
    • When you press Shift – you sprint,
    • When you autorun – you need to click Shift once to start sprinting and continue sprinting until your Stamina goes out.

    Moreover, there’s a slight change to the Stamina regeneration. Most of you are aware that previously while standing idle, walking or marching, the stamina used to regenerate faster and faster each second, which was used by skilled players to regen their stamina in combat in no time. This is a part of our skilled gameplay, but you don’t need to press Shift to run anymore, and so you can't get into the march other way than getting into the "Combat mode" . For that reason, we have expanded the faster stamina regen mod into the running state too, but with a smaller modificator each second compared to a slower moving player. It affects the mounts too, which also fix issue with Stamina regeneration on autorun when mounted.

    As after being hit, you will get into the march speed, which before you could leave immediately into running - the skill "Survival Instinct" doesn't really have sense anymore. For that reason, it was changed to shorten combat mode from 3 to 2 seconds. Thanks to that, you can earlier start sprinting or regenerate Health Points. According to that, we have given you free reskill which is available for the next 14 weeks – you can use that one time and reset your skills directly from the notification.

    Activities slowing down enemies like legshot, do not affect them anymore – the legshot mechanic will become just a normal attack.

    Detached camera from the character – from now, character follows the camera.

    We have increased the space required to place economic buildings – many guilds were using them to block narrow walkways and build an additional line of defence with them. From now, they need more space to be built.

    This is just a first step of freebuilding changes. We are working on a fix of a bug allowing to build fortifications so they go through the economic buildings and it will be fixed very soon.

    Also, you can expect the improved fortifications models within the next few weeks: they will be adjusted to the grid, which will end the era of exploited guild castles!

    Quality of Life:
    – Updated the Light Praetorian's set with new models (only helmet didn’t change)
    – Models from Praetorian's Robe and Praetorian's Shoes have been moved to Legionary’s ones, because it was using the same model as Veles – thanks to that, you can visually distinguish the armours
    – Reduced the number of carcasses required to butcher the animals (not for old ones)
    – Added notifications about robbed or destroyed workstations
    – Added 4 new mass production recipes – Flax Threads, Flax Canvas, Thin Tanned Leather, Flour
    – Added possibility to set the Mentor until reaching the 100 level – after adding 2 more rewards, for reaching 60 and 100 level, thanks to players’ requests, we have decided that will be handy and give more motivation to help new players – even if they are not greenleaves anymore

    – Fixed damage type of Raubritters before Brandon’s castle – they were dealing bludgeon damage instead of slashing
    – Fixed reductions of Styrborg Chainmail
    – Fixed drop rate of maps from Exiled Legion
    – Minor fixes of NPCs and resources position or rotation
    – Removed shop from Gunnar Nightroar – it was accessable due to the bug
    – Fixed issue with Ismirean quest, where you had to open again dialogue with Yngvir
    – Fixed rare bug, where there was no name initialised for the character
    – Fixed issue with CoA – due to this bug, some players couldn’t log in to next server restart

    Latest comments:

    Zachary_Gamble 21 may 2020, at 15:55

    no one wants to play a sandbox fightinng game where u literaly cant 1v2 and win because u are better.. with these movement nerfs it feels even worse now.. like ur trying to fight under water.. this is honestly really lame.. no wonder u dont see anyone solo roaming looking for pvp anymore and why the world space is dead 80% of the time...you guys really need a reality check and stop ignoring your long time player base with almost 2000 hours played and try actually fixing the dsync rather then rebuilding your game around the really bad netcode.. ive spent alot of money on your game because i believed in black eyed gaming.. and i gotta say it was a mistake.. a game i once loved hit by almost 2 years of really bad updates now

    BcJazz 15 may 2020, at 22:22

    One little question for devs... I guess it was explained many times, but who has a time read thru all the comments right ;). What happened to the new animation (physics) update?
    Anyways guys, keep up the good work!

    ShalFei 15 may 2020, at 06:54

    good afternoon.
    After the upgrade, my horse stops when archery galloping. This is normal?

    Jog 14 may 2020, at 17:54

    Just as changelog noted, we were not targetting into making archers weaker, just due to movement changed, an fighting user already gets the speed which he had when he got legshot. Overall, it would probably make shooting targets slightly easier for archers that way.

    Velvet Elvis 14 may 2020, at 17:31

    Taking away legshot? That's a real nice F you to the archers... Way to go with your record of bad patches and updates. Why not just take archery out of the game entirely? You clearly want to push for everyone to wear heavy armor and 2H spam.