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  • 21 may 2020, at 16:32 Author: BartoldGV
    Weekly Update 222 – New world event added!
    Hello warriors!

    We would love to present to you a new world event: the Temple of Doom! You’ll face new dangers – and we don’t only mean the enemies, but the ruined sanctuary itself as well. Explore the new location, face the challenge and fight for loot and glory!

    Apart from that, also made some long-awaited changes to the siege preparations on Guild Castles which should help both reduce the occurrence of “troll tokens” and give smaller guilds more opportunities to fight for lands. Moreover, this update introduces improved tutorials for new players, so they’ll provide more details about the game’s basics. And, as always, we made some small UX changes and fixes which you’ll read about below.

    See you in battle!
    Changelog v.

    As always, the screenshot's author is rewarded. RicharzBlood – check your Ambers after the next scheduled update!

    Siege Preparations on Guild Castles:
    The data we collect says clearly that tokening the Guild Castles takes place almost only if the attacking guild is completely sure of its strength. We also noticed that the majority of successful tokening happened around the State of War time frame, or at the end of Daylock.

    Knowing this, we decided for 2 changes: to allow the defenders to interrupt the siege preparations, and to reduce the tokening price.

    From now on, if the owners of a Guild Castle will push the attackers away, the activity will start to drop. After 5 minutes of no activity, the tokening will end with fail and the defenders will not be forced to stay at the guild castle all day long to prevent losing their province. Moreover, the time when you can start the preparations is now officially restricted to the window ranging from 2 hours before the province's State of War time, to 2 hours after.

    On the other hand, placing a token costs 2x less after this change, so smaller guilds will have more opportunities to fight for lands. We also hope it’ll create more opportunities for brave attacks, since now you risk much less.

    We believe these changes will bring more dynamics to the fights over Guild Castles!

    New World Event:
    The Temple of Doom is a brand new world event taking place in the cliff at the Wildfen swamps.
    This event introduces some new types of NPC enemies, as well as new mechanics and solutions which can only be found here. It launches after finishing one of the events in the middle of the map – Heathen Plague, The Griffins Company or Rogue Highlanders.

    Tutorials Update:
    The new tutorial will start for players who didn’t finish it or haven’t been logged in for last 3 months. Tutorial cannot be skipped, it is moved to the middle-top of the screen and contain tasks to do. We have focused mostly on combat to show things like possible attack directions – combat is most important part of our game, it keeps changing and we want players to know how to fight.

    – Fixed gate to Black Sickle champion from quest Troubles at Dunfen Farm – sometimes it didn’t open after using the lever
    – Fixed issue causing that event Enclave of the Rejected wasn’t starting at all, which was also reducing number of events on the middle of the map
    – Fixed a bug in the movement system – slide or falling for very short time (shorter than 1 second) will no longer change the players state into running and consuming stamina

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    TkOmEsS 21 may 2020, at 17:36

    Getting better every week, keep it up! :winter2019coolyul: