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  • 06-04-2015 20:51 Author: Avenlin
    Big changes are coming - Unity 5, new UI and more!


    Today we want to share some news with you. First one: we are during transfer Gloria Victis to Unity 5. What does it mean for you? FPS growth, better movement fluency, performance improvement and reduced hardware requirements while improving graphics quality. We are working on enlarging map beyond the home island and creating a continent. Introduced engine version will also make AI system smoother.
    Long awaited new version of PhysX will allow us to boost server performance and ameliorate collision checking. Sailing system will be also finished soon so get ready for sea adventures! Second: we are reworking many of systems (currently working on crafting, skill bars and tooltips) into new Unity UI system which gonna be more reliable and eye-catching.
    We want to remind you also, that since NDA is lifted off you can feel free with streaming your adventures and sharing with people through other mediums like screenshots, videos, reviews and others.

    We attached screen showing early render version from Unity 5 with entirely new trees.

    Latest comments:

    Defiance_ITA 06-04-2015 21:04


    Sailing system will be also finished soon so get ready for sea adventures!

    And so my social life will die again :P

    Keep it up guys, you're doing an amazing job :D

    Tore Hund 06-04-2015 21:17

    WOW!! Really looking forward to the Unity 5 update!

    Question, will you guys add cave system in mountains like " Mines of Moria, lord of the ring" ?
    Or Caves like in game like "Middle-earth: Shadow of Morddor"?

    I know there is a " Cave/Underworld " packed to buy on Unity 5 store page:
    Scarry caves:

    Warrpirek 06-04-2015 21:19

    i think yes, now in this small map we have one dungeon

    Edric 06-04-2015 21:21

    Awesome news, i can't wait to see this :rolleyes:
    Thanks a lot to all the team :)

    socomical0 07-04-2015 03:44

    boats :D

    Ieliar 07-04-2015 03:59

    Awesome news!

    Ormagodon 07-04-2015 08:19

    Looking forward to it.

    Bulkathos 07-04-2015 10:35

    Pirates, thats amazing :) Bulkathos "The Boatbuilder " :)

    Xilana 07-04-2015 11:52

    Wooop , great news :D Sailing looks interesting, wonder how that will work out .

    Keep up the good work.

    Pturs 07-04-2015 12:00

    Where is my fishing with boat guys :D :P make it please :)