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  • 15 may 2015, at 09:58 Author: bartold
    Unity 5 port comes in next few days!


    We are glad to inform you that we are in the home stretch with transferring Gloria Victis to Unity 5! The engine upgrade allowed us to highly increase game performance, so even more of our players will be able to enjoy the smooth running game. Test results are awesome – FPS increase reaches even up to 50%!
    At the same time moving to Unity 5 allowed us to significantly improve visuals! Many of them, like high quality textures or advanced lightning effects, have already been implemented, but even more will come in the future!

    What’s new? Territory control system will be expanded in the next update. To take over the most important strategic points players will have to cooperate and show their brilliant combat skills. It will highly increase the role of team play. As an example we can bring the headquarters of Brotherhood of Lord’s Wrath, a faction of swordsmen recruiting both from Midlanders and Ismirs, for ages training in order to fight their common enemies – Azebs. To gain their respect and access to their keep, players will need to coordinate actions of a few teams, so they will be able to complete a series of smaller objectives in a specified time. Of course dealing with such a challenge will bring an appropriate reward, so this land will soon become an arena for thrilling PvP battles.

    As a response to many requests from our players we will implement an optional FPS camera soon! Playing in this mode will allow for deeper immersion into the atmosphere of Medieval world and greater excitement during exploration and combat!

    Big changes will also come to crafting system – it’s window will be fully reworked and expanded by additional options, like e.g. recipes sorting. In the near future, party and equipment windows will also be improved, so there are things to wait for!

    See you in battle!

    Latest comments:

    Callous 15 may 2015, at 10:32

    WOW guys I think This is the most exiting Update/ patch so far. Dos this also mean that we will have a character wipe?
    I'm Exited for this and every thing that will come after.
    Keep on Keeping on Gents Good work.

    m4x 15 may 2015, at 12:51

    yea yea yea :cool:

    Vylqun 15 may 2015, at 13:54

    i still would love if the crafting system wouldnt have fixed recipes but rather let u chose ur own resources leading to different results, which would mean far less recipes for far more items >_< , but still, crafting updates are always good :P

    Koto 15 may 2015, at 14:05

    Tylko jeszcze prosze powiedzcie mi ze bedzie mozna robic cos w "inzynierii" (?katapu;ty, forty?) :) Czekam na to od poczatku gry...

    Ormagodon 15 may 2015, at 14:11

    Hurray! Looking forward to it.

    PublikAgent 15 may 2015, at 15:53

    Simply :heart:

    cryptoahash 15 may 2015, at 16:32

    Freaking awesome! Cant wait! :)

    twinviper 15 may 2015, at 18:06

    amazing, i hope i will be able to play with this version, the map gonna be the same or we have a new area to explore?

    Defiance_ITA 15 may 2015, at 20:38

    Awesome :D

    Jetcutter 15 may 2015, at 21:31

    Let's hope for this: