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  • Gloria Victis – Medieval MMORPG

    What is Gloria Victis?

    Gloria Victis is a MMORPG with an emphasis on realism, set in a medieval world with low-fantasy elements. It offers Open PVP with territory control, non-target combat, deep, expanded crafting system, player-driven economy, highly reduced magic and mature, extensive storyline – all that served with beautiful, realistic graphics and heavy, dark atmosphere.

    Project’s history

    Development of Gloria Victis started in 2012, being an opposition to the increasing monothematicity of a MMORPG genre. Black Eyed Games team, an independent company from Poland, managed to release the first Pre-Alpha version in a year and after a next year the sale of the game keys had been launched on Gloria Victis official website. With an awesome support of the Community Black Eyed Games could hire all the team members and continuously develop Gloria Victis while still staying an independent company.


    PC, in future also MAC/Linux

    Distribution and price

    Early access (Alpha) from 20$

    Key game’s features

    Non-Target combat

    The combat is based on non-target system, which means that a player has to manually aim and initiate an attack – it requires good positioning and timing. Player’s skill is the key – although character’s statistics or equipment are important, they need to be used properly.
    In later states of development, the player would be given a really wide range of possibilites in battles – apart from multitude of melee and ranged weapons, they would receive ability to ride mounts, use siege machines and navigate the seas by ships.

    Open PVP and expanded PVE

    PVP will be open in the whole world, excluding the few safe zones, as the nations capitals or towns which are singificant for the storyline. Players are able to duel, fight in groups or conquer territories and in future there would be also arenas, tournaments and war between the guilds or even nations.
    On the other hand, players looking for PVE challenge can hunt the animals, punish the brigands or track dangerous sects. However, no matter who the players fight with – communication and team play are the key.

    Innovative Partial Loot system

    According to a decision of our players, whose opinion is the most important for us, we decided to implement Partial Loot system. It means that a player can loot a defeated opponent, however – contrary to the classic Full Loot MMORPGs – the victim doesn’t lose all their equipment but only the certain number of items, choosen manually by the winner of a fight. Thanks to this system, Gloria Victis PVP is attractive both for veterans of hardcore MMORPGs and less experienced players.

    Class-less progression

    There is no artificial class system – character’s progression depends only on how a player would spend the progress points, achieved at the start of a game and during the gameplay. Anyway, there will be different character archetypes to choose from to introduce new players easier into the game. Also, a player decides how to equip their character, completing the weapons and armour parts on their own.

    Complex crafting

    There are 8 various crafts to learn connected to each other, but a player will be able to master only a few of them. Items crafting processes were designed after the original Medieval techiques. They consist of collecting the materials, processing them to gain required components and creating the final item, so access to the resources spot, proper workshops and needed tools is important. Most of the items require components created by various crafters, so cooperation between the players is the key.

    Player-driven economy

    Player would be able to create every single item in game – from jewelery, weapons and armours to even ships, houses and fortifications. Gloria Victis strongly focuses on a trade between players so we give the economy in their hands – swords doesn’t drop from wolves but are forged by the blacksmiths.

    Expanded guilds and feudal system

    Guilds are the real force in Gloria Victis – they will establish alliances, initiate wars and reshape the political map by claiming new territories. With the feudal system leaders of the most powerful fractions will be able to build their own empires, giving their vassals lands, making them protectors of the new born country’s borders.

    Building system

    Players, and guilds in particular, will be able to build the castles and towns on their lands to receive various benefits. Controlled towns will give access to the best crafting workshops and warehouses as well as the income from all the trade done on their territory. On the other hand, castles help to defend a land when enemy attacks and keep the trade routes safe. Moreover players would be able to build mines, sawmills or farms to gain resources necessary to craft weapons and armours as well as food, siege machines or ships.

    Territory control battles

    There is never enough land – that’s why the wars start. In Gloria Victis structures would be non-instantioned so in order to possess own towns or castles with belonging resources spots, the players would have to fight for them using rams, catapults and other siege machines. Capturing a town would be even more challenging as it would require to take over surrounding outposts at first.

    Ships and naval combat

    In Middle Ages, water trails were the base of trade and military transport, also enemy nations fleets were often clashing into deadly battles. Players would be given the ability to ram enemy ship, shoot at it with deck weapons as balistas or perform boarding to take the ship over and loot its hold.

    Open, living world with day and night cycle and dynamic weather/seasons system

    To create the total immersion we needed an open world. And yes, it means really open, without loading screens or invisible barriers at every turn. So Gloria Victis would offer you a breathtaking, massive open world with housing and territory control! Immersion requires also the responsiveness, so NPCs in Gloria Victis will react accordingly to player’s actions and certain time of day or weather. The last one will play big role too (going to the desert in furs might be a bad idea). Weather system allows to display powerful storm bowing the trees, dynamic changing clouds and realistic lightning generating dynamic shadows.

    Low-fantasy world in dark, realistic graphics

    Atmosphere is the key in Gloria Victis, so to create the really Medieval world we resigned from common in MMORPG, overcolored Asian stylistics, omnipresent fireballs and countless species from cliché fantasy biestiaries. Instead we choose realistic graphics and regligious and nations conflicts, subtly complemented with creatures designed after Medieval tales.

    Mature, expanded storyline

    Middle Ages, times when the tale about a man could have more meaning than his life, when legends were born and merciless heroes were clashing with each other in gruesome battles caused by political intrigues. Player would be able to choose on of 3 nations, based upon the old powers from X-XV c. Europe and the Middle-East – Midlanders, Ismirs and Sangmarians – each with rich culture, history and an own beliefs system. Gloria Victis will offer various mature, extended stories, touching difficult subjects like faith, morality and the essence of humanity.

    Press materials


    Company info, contact

    Black Eye Games Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Jana Sawy 5, lokal 17
    20-632 Lublin, Polska
    NIP 952-212-93-58, REGON 147203634, KRS:Sąd Rejonowy M.
    ST. Warszawa. XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru
    Sądowego nr 0000505914, Kapitał zakładowy: 5.000 zł
    Strona WWW: http://gloriavictisgame.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GloriaVictisGame
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/GloriaVictisMMO

    Bartosz Idzikowski – Public Relations Specialist:
    [email protected]