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  • 13 marca 2020, o 19:52 Autor: BartoldGV
    Mounts official release & new Glory season! (Update v.0.9.2 – Steam Patch 214)

    Hello wariors!

    This is it: the mounts system has been added! You can finally tame a wild horse, train it and master your horse riding skills. The time has come – challenge yourself in the epic cavalry clashes!

    Moreover, let us welcome you to the new Glory season! The top players of the just ended season have earned their rewards and titles, so time to compete against the others and fight your way to the top of the ladder!

    A little explanation for the new players: Glory is a season-based ranking which rewards you for activity in the faction v faction v faction PVP. The seasons last 2 months and the top players are rewarded with unique titles and gold. Also, every Thursday night you’ll get Contribution Points – an in-game currency used to purchase special items from the Glory Quartermasters. The amount of earned CP depends on your position in the leaderboard, so climb up!

    As always, the update also includes many quality of life improvements and fixes to reported bugs. Check them on your own!

    See you in battle!

    P.S. As it’s been happening for quite a while already, the author of a screenshot below has been rewarded. P0pS – check your Ambers!

    Changelog v.0.9.2


    – Introduced an entire skill tree for horsemen made of 16 new passives related to horse riding and mounted combat
    – Due to the introduction of new passive abilities, every character receives a free abilities and attributes reset – they can be claimed at the Notification Center for the next 14 days
    – From now on, shooting a bow when riding a horse causes slowing the mount from sprint to running speed – this change was made to balance the horse archers, as it was literally impossible to escape them since they weren’t slowed down when shooting but the enemy horses were slowed down when being hit
    – From now on, the character of a player who’s quitting the game will automatically dismount before the quitting process starts
    – Optimization improvements to horses seen from larger distances

    New Glory Season:

    As it has been announced, yesterday was the last day of the previous Glory season – a day where gaining Nation Points is not possible and the scoreboards of other season-based rankings (Glory and Arena) are frozen, except for the Guild ranking as players donate their NP to the guilds on this last day, helping their guild climb up the rank table

    For this reason, by the start of each new season each player’s Nation Points are wiped, giving every guild equal chances to win the new season and encouraging guild members to donate NP to their guilds.

    So today is the start of a new season. It’s your time to climb up the ladder and fight for the rewards yourself. Good luck earning your fame!


    According to release of horses, which allow travelling faster than before, we have decided to promote more fights and open PVP across the world of Gloria Victis. For this reason, we made a change requested by the Community and restricted the Fast Travel to the guild provinces. From now on, you only can Fast Travel with the \home command to the 5 closest Guild Castles which are linked to your nation’s capital city. Also, with this change, it will be harder to capture a province right by the other nation’s capital to quickly move large forces there and harass the enemy at the edge of the nation’s homeground. It’s still possible to capture such a guild province – you will simply need to travel there on your own – and you can still respawn in a guild province disregarding its location or links.

    To increase the overall value of the guild provinces, we have added 2 features requested by the players which are pretty hot! Details below:

    The Fast Travel has been restricted to the 5 closest Guild Castles but every guild province has a new upgradeable building: Transportation Spot. Once it’s been built, every player from the nation can Fast Travel to such a guild province via Logistician – as long as it’s linked to the Capital. Moreover, 23% of the fee spent on a Fast Travel to the guild province will be moved to the bank of the guild controlling it, rewarding it with extra earnings for opening for cooperation with allied players.

    The changes to Fast Travel mean that it will be more difficult for a nation to control more than 5 guild provinces at once. For this reason, we’ve decided to reward the players willing to face the challenge anyway by adding a new multiplier to the Guild Points generated for the guild provinces controlled by a nation. Every guild castle controlled the by nation increases the number of points generated for officers of the guild owning the castle by 10%. Following the Risk vs Reward, it is harder to control more guild provinces but their worth is increased – a nation can get up to 70% bonus of Nation Points generated by controlled guild provinces.

    To sum up – we have finally released the horses, so Fast Travel to the Guild Castles gets restricted to promote more open world PVP. On top of that, we keep working on new content to be added in the central part of the world to initiate more PVP encounters there. At the same time, we increase the worth of the GCs for the whole nations and earnings of the guilds controlling them.

    Other balance changes:

    – Added time-based nation buffs for controlling guild provinces – from now, if your nation loses the 2nd or 1st province, you will keep the buff for next 7 days to encourage next fights. Capping the flag just for a while during the SoW is also counted as losing the province!
    – Updated walls layout at Ulfgard – unlike Seaclaw, which is on the same link, Ulfgard used to have 3 gates with direct roads to them; the central gate has been removed to improve the balance on this link
    – Increased Contribution Points price from 15620 to 25620 for scroll of Nation Change – many players requested to even block the nation hopping (we remind that for the balance purposes, there is a free nation change to an underdog nation if a situation on a given server demands it)
    – Updated “For the homeland!” buff, reducing its time down to 5 minutes and its max stack from 4 to 3 - the change was done because at the max stack of this buff, it was impossible to loot something else than materials from a buffed player because of so much reduced respawn time; also the time was so long that players were buffed long time and miles away from the buffed location

    Quality of Life:

    – Updated interacting with traitors – from now on, reviving a traitor is only possible for other traitors and players with Friendly Fire trigger enabled, and is punished with the traitor status too, the same way as it happens when looting an ally player
    – Added a skin to the War Two-Handed Hammer designed by one of the players
    – Updated the position of Maximus, an NPC allowing the Sangmarian players to donate Nation Points to their guilds – he can now be found at the capital’s central square, near the spawnpoint
    – Updated the Sea Wraiths/Abandoned Route world events, adding optional subevents to complete while going through the main event to receive a guaranteed reward
    – Updated the balance of NPC enemies at Sea Wraiths
    – Added gates protecting both of the starting areas at Sea Wraiths to protect one team from being smashed by the other
    – Updated the damage dealt by the Spy NPC appearing in Defend the Spy!/Kill the Spy! events


    – Fixed a bug in the players' synchronization causing a 1-frame-long delay between sending and receiving the network data, so when the server was working with maximal framerate, the synchronization was delayed by 16 ms, and even more, if the framerate was lower due to heavy traffic
    – Fixed a bug causing that some NPC guards or enemies didn’t deal damage to the players
    – Fixed a bug causing glitching the animations of other player’s character after mounting, unless the player made any movement
    – Fixed a bug allowing to mount on a horse from an unlimited distance, as long as the player could aim at it with the cursor
    – Fixed a bug causing that the damage received by a horse didn’t have any sound
    – Fixed a bug glitching the character’s controller and logging the player out of the game when dismounting a swimming horse or mounting a horse while swimming
    – Fixed to the placement of reported glitchy resources

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    Milky 28 marca 2020, o 18:53


    Emil 25 marca 2020, o 14:02

    Last week I checked the situation on the game and the Steam reviews still say the same: The game is rubber-banding and lagging, which the Developers in turn responded it's to be expected from a game in development and that the users can't even appreciate the horses.
    The comment-field was locked so I didn't care to respond.

    I just wanna state that it's not at all expected. Games are allowed to lag or be unplayable in a closed development, but if you're releasing the game as an Early Access title you aren't immune to any factual or constructive critics.

    The individuals complaining over lag aren't here to destroy or bash the game. These are players trying to enjoy the game but fail to due to the developers arrogance in creating more issues before solving past issues.

    Take Star Citizen for an example of a game in a similar situation. They know they release each patch to players actively playing the game, thus it's important to also optimize each and every patch so players still can play the game (because why else should the game be in a released format?).

    Dearsun 24 marca 2020, o 16:55

    horse make this game laggy and boring.
    when is over this situation?
    our men leave this game

    times05 14 marca 2020, o 21:31

    Nice.... this coffin needed some nails. Already huge amounts of players are leaving or planning to leave in droves anticipating upcoming games. Making silly/controversial choices like that at this time was not a good idea.

    Taking stats away from combat skills to dump into horse?!? No active player will have that spec outside of extremely niche cases. Makes it totally useless. Run your own server side stats in a week or two, see for yourself. Horse skills need a separate pool of skill points. If you wanted players to stay, or be drawn to the game, YOU NEED TO GIVE THEM NEW TOYS. With the way you implemented horses, you give new toys only to take away old ones. Bad logic. If you did this to your son/daughter, they'd be upset too.

    Cutting links to guild castles.... making alliances absolutely pointless.... Could have let guild/alliance teleport system alone, and implemented links to GCs for those outside of alliance, that would have been good, a real quality of life improvement. As is though....horrible choice.

    DanTheMan 14 marca 2020, o 16:44

    Reinstalled this abomination to collect the card drops. Haven´t touched this in over a year and still feels the same, laggy, unresponsive, loot despawns in a matter of seconds and countless other issues still persist. Charging money for this should be a criminal offence.

    ♣ Valiant 14 marca 2020, o 07:58

    What's the point of a glory system if you fail to even honor the titles or rewards we worked hours upon hours for? #Missingtitles

    Delonghy 14 marca 2020, o 05:52

    great update thank you atlast we have horse skills was waiting for them

    Limmbo 14 marca 2020, o 03:48

    oh gods, useless devs

    Knitler 13 marca 2020, o 21:42

    Nice ♥♥♥♥ up